What camera should you buy : Best camera 2014

What camera should you buy : Best camera 2014


Jun 7, 2014
Best camera 2014 what type should you buy An overview: Passion for Capturing Moments With a wide range of cameras available in market, people would definitely get spoilt for choice. Photography has been one of the greatest interest areas of people. Clicking and getting clicked gives an immense feeling of pleasure and fun. With cameras being an all time hit, several iconic brands namely Sony, Nikon, Canon, etc… have come up with their best offerings with versatile feature and image quality. The list of cameras amongst these brands is never ending. With massive, cheap, and pleasing compact models. it really becomes difficult to choose the one amongst all. Ranging from shutter cameras to stylish DSLRs, it is quite challenging to finalize one amongst all. While buying a camera, it is very essential to avoid getting lured by simply its aesthetics and advertisement. It is very important to understand different types of cameras in order to prevent from getting duped with expensive payments. Which type to choose from? There are three different types of cameras namely, Compact Camera, Mirrorless Camera and SLR. Let us understand each one of them in brief. Compact Camera refers to those cameras that have a fixed lens attached to it. The lens of compact cameras cannot be swapped or removed. With growth in inclusion of cameras in smartphones, the segment of compact cameras is facing a tough competition. Despite of being a powerful compact sensor, yet people are opting to go for cameras in premium smartphones. Mirrorless cameras are an advanced version of compact cameras. These cameras are equipped with premium features like sensors, in – built zoom lens, WI- FI connectivity and GPS Technology. However, SLR cameras are those cameras that are slightly heavier than the compact and mirrorless camera. It also comprise of a super zoom which aids in capturing any desired moment. After understanding these three types, user can then browse amongst different cameras available across all the brands. Things need to be checked in a Camera: Apart from different types of camera, it is very essential to evaluate the camera on the basis of several aspects.

The following are the ones:

  1. Size of Sensor and Resolution-The resolution and sensor size forms the two main points of evaluating any camera. After the craving for pixels stopped, people are only looking for cameras giving the best image quality and features. For this, the sensor size is very essential. The bigger the sensor size, the better is the quality of images. It is very essential to prevent getting duped with pixels size feature. Canon Ixus 150 being a simple camera has a better sensor size. Canon cameras perform really better on optical performing. Higher resolution is responsible for better and premium image quality.
  2. Lens-The next big thing in any camera is the lens. While checking the lens feature, it is good to understand your inclination towards portrait of landscape capturing. People passionate about landscape photography should check cameras with wider lens ranging from 24 to 28 mm. However, fixed wide aperture camera is best for portrait capturing.

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