Using the Samsung Galaxy tab 3 as dedicated car GPS

Using the Samsung Galaxy tab 3 as dedicated car GPS


Jun 5, 2014
Using the Samsung Galaxy tab 3 as dedicated car GPS Samsung has already touched the newer realms of technology. The time for trying out something different has been revealed along with an opportunity of acquiring the inexpensive tablets inclusive of 4G. Features and Working: The need for having an electronic device with dedicated GPS system for cars has been extremely important. At a cost of $10/month, you can have a dedicated GPS screen of 7’’. For the tablet use, install the Waze app which was recently taken over by Google. Along with this, also install other two apps for navigation; MapFactor and Navfree at free of cost. The rest of the two apps offer you the benefit of accessing the Open Street Map data without any additional charges. Apart from this, it will also allow the purchase of commercial apps for navigation and also the ability to download the maps through a Wi-Fi connection so that the navigation without any data connection could be easily made available. The Waze app manages to be the favorite app for the tablet with its interactive real-time routing and interaction with rest of the users related to issues regarding the potential traffic. Numerous users of WAze app integrate actively with the system making it completely suffice to propose accurate traffic information. In order to carry on with the mounting process in the car, opt for a mount of Akron SM517 windshield which is specifically designed for the galaxy tab with 7 inch. This sold mount comes along with variety of flexible options for mounting which allow the user to secure the tablet in the desired location of the windshield center. This also allows the user employ the shortest cable required to connect the accessory power present in the car. After the use of tablet in the form of GPS for some days, you can assure yourself the meeting of soup-to-nut needs of navigation. After this, it is quite simpler to switch to the next step of the configuration settings. Installation of the Xbox Music and the Pandora apps will help you link the audio system of the car to the tablet through a Bluetooth. So, basically apart from navigation, this system can also be used for multiple purposes like listening to audio tracks, video streaming etc. Worth a buy: The basic drawback of this type of configuration is that when it is connected to a charger of 2 AM, charging of the tablet is not possible under the running condition of the GPS. It will maintain the general charge of the current but, will be unable to add to the level of charging unless the shutdown of GPS happens. This problem could be easily resolved with an introduction of a back up concept for charge prior to GPS mode use. Though it is not the perfect solution for all, it fits well into the life requiring the navigation options with eclectic apps’ usage. Even something as easy as the use of Google Maps Street view for the destination identification is an asset which is presently not the case with a normally designed dedicated GPS.

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