Sony Alpha A5000 latest digital camera from Sony

Sony Alpha A5000 latest digital camera from Sony


Apr 1, 2014
  Sony Alpha A5000 overviewIf you are looking for a compact, sleek, light weight and at the same time an affordable camera, then you are reading the right product review. Sony brings the latest product Sony Alpha A5000 which is a mirror less compact system camera (MSCC). Sony is aiming at consolidating its range of cameras under its brand Alpha. Though a replacement of NEX – 3N, Sony Alpha A5000 is altogether a fresh and rebranded offering with a combination of unique features and specifications. Sony Alpha A5000 belongs to the family of portable and most compact camera systems. Alpha A5000 is a great choice for entry level photographers. Detailed understanding: Sony Alpha A5000

Sony Alpha A5000

Sony launched its most compact camera systems after improvising and working upon its image processor. Equipped with the high end processor “Bionz – X”, Alpha A5000 matches with the picture quality of RX10 and Sony Alpha A7. The 20.1 Megapixel camera gives an effortless picture quality worth viewing. The camera is very light in weight, beyond imagination. Sony has even claimed it to be “World’s Lightest entry – level interchangeable lens camera” worldwide. Alpha A5000 weighs 7.4 ounces after removing card and battery from it. Still after inserting lens, battery and card, Alpha A5000 remains the lightest of all. The size of A5000 is less than a smartphone. So, the user can easily opt for camera, rather than carrying a smartphone. The dimension of Alpha A5000 definitely makes it the compact and sleek camera apart from being the lightest. It measures 4.4 x 2.5 x 1.9 inches. The overall look and design of this camera is eye catching. The camera is available in white, black and silver colors. So the buyers have a good color choice to choose from. Alpha A5000 though being a sequel of NEX – 3N, yet it is far more superior to it. The company has stopped production of NEX and is waiting for selling out the current ones. The key features of Sony Alpha A5000 are 20 million pixel APS – C Sensor, Wi-Fi functionality, high quality image processor namely Bionz X, multi segment metering, etc… Sony has indeed launched its fresh camera after a lot of research and development. It has worked upon its existing offerings to launch something unique and spectacular. The image clicking function covers face detection, tracking AF, etc…. These features add in the menus. There is a unique feature which has been only introduced in this camera.  The LCD screen in this camera measures 3 inches in size and is 460K LC screen which gets easily flipped for facing ahead. Pros 1. Being the lightest weighted camera, Sony Alpha A5000 falls in the consideration set. No other camera is as slim and compact as this one. Hence, beginners can start by this one. 2. The quality of image is quite high due to its process Bionz – X. Bionz – X is the supreme quality image processor. 3;. The camera is quite affordable in comparison with the other cameras. 4. The LCD Screen can be shifted due to self shifting option.

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