User friendly DSLR Camera- Canon EOS 70D

User friendly DSLR Camera- Canon EOS 70D


Dec 10, 2013
With the advent of digitized era, a lot of gadgets developed at a fast pace and entered the market. A lot of changes have been seen in the gadgets with improved versions coming in the market on a frequent note. The same development has also been experienced by DSLR cameras. They come equipped with user friendly features and are beyond compare with traditional cameras that were bulky in weight and difficult to handle. The word “Canon” is synonymous with cameras. Canon is a popular name same as Nikon in the world of cameras and has carved a niche for itself. It comes up with DSLR cameras that are highly skilled and are available in a wide selection of designs, prices and styles. Canon EOS 70D is truly a treasure to acquire. This option is not only highly versatile but also quite superb. In order to understand it better, it is recommended to go through its specs and features. Canon EOS 70D is available with EF-S 18-55mm Kit at Amazon for $1,249.00.


Canon DSLR EOS 70D Specifications: Display: With 3 inch display, the camera focuses on delivering high end screen resolution. 1046k-dot display with touch screen facility is one of the top displays available in the current generation of cameras. Trouble free touch and amazing color resolution make this camera quite an amazing buy. Processor: DIGIC 5 Processor available in Canon powers this camera that facilitates user providing amazing results and quick image processing. Sensor: The route is fresh and enhanced and this has helped this model to supersede other models falling under this category. Canon EOS 70D has developed sensor with 18 MP resolution which is also possessed by other variants. Dual Pixel CMOS technology is used in this sensor that offers improved functioning and quality. AF Technology: Two categories becomes a part of the AF technology. The first one is contrast detection and another one is phase detection. Thus, in the model in question comes with on AF technology with chip phase detection for both live mode as well as vide mode. 2 photo bodies are utilized by this technology on each pixel. Also, it is highly useful when compared to AF system that comes with 19-point all cross type. ISO: This camera model from Canon is part of 100-12800 ISO range. It has the capability to expand up till 25,600. In taking continuous shots of 7fps becomes quite convenient through this range. Wi-Fi Connectivity: Images can be easily transferred with no use of cables or wires to compatible devices like a PC or Smartphone with Canon EOS 70D. Availability of built in Wi Fi technology has helped in image transfer. Built-in Flash: This feature is absolutely commendable making the camera more desirable to buy. Users can also video record with 1080p30. External mic can be used for stereo sound. All these features and specifications make this model a promising option among Canon EOS family.

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