Presenting the new Nikon D4S

Presenting the new Nikon D4S


Mar 18, 2014
New Nikon D4S

About Nikon D4S

Nikon is finally backed after the launch of their flagship camera Nikon D4 which happened around two years back. This time they have captured great attention from the masses by launching their new and latest camera Nikon D4S. Nikon brought great freshness in market by launching their D4S. The Nikon D4 had indeed performed greatly in the market in comparison to other competitors. Now it is time for Nikon D4s to give a better performance by its upgraded and improvised features and technical specifications. Nikon D4S has been launched with few similarities of D4 and various changes as well. The visual appeal is quite similar to its predecessor Nikon D4. However, the major changes in D4S have been made with respect to the internal processing of this camera.

Technical Specifications of Nikon D4s:

1. Processor: The major change in Nikon D4s is with respect to its processor. The processor has been shifted to Expeed 4 Standard which is quite speedy with respect to D4. It opens the scope for a wider ISO range. The current ISO range of D4S is 25600 which can be expanded to 409600 equiv. 2. Sensor Resolution: The 16.2 MP CMOS 14 bit sensor is present in D4S which has been revised and improvised upon with significant changes. 3. Burst Shooting: The processing rate of frames has been increased from 10 fps to 11 fps. It supports 200 JPEG format as well. The travel distance is also less which prevents the shot from blackout. 4. Auto focus: The 51 point auto focus is same as in Nikon D4. 5. D – Lightning Option: The feature of Active D-lightning has also jumped to Extra High 2 which ensures to give more clarity in picture shots. 6. Interval Shooting: The D4s has indeed seen a major shift in interval shooting in comparison to D4. Where D4 supported 999 shots, the Nikon D4S supports 9999 shots in its novel offering. 7. Battery: The battery EN – EL 18a in Nikon D4s facilitates the user to take upto 3020 shots. However, the camera also supports EN – EL 18 battery which is also used in Nikon D4. 8. Memory Card: Nikon D4S supports Compact Flash and XQD memory card for storing the precious moments that have been captured by the photographer in the form of stills and video. 9. Movie Resolution: The movie resolution of Nikon D4S has been enhanced to 1080/60 p that is 42 or 24 Mbps. 10. Dimension: The dimension of Nikon D4s is similar to Nikon D4 i.e. 36 x 23.9mm and weighs lighter than D4 at 43 ounces. 11. Wired Connectivity: Nikon D4S can be connected well with the help of Gigabit Ethernet. It supports USB 2.0 version for easy transfer of files. Though Nikon D4S has shown significant change in its special features, yet most of the specifications namely Focal length multiplier, OLPF, ISO Range, VF, AF, Shutter Speed, HD video Length LCD size, dimension and memory slot remain the same. Priced at $6000 Nikon D4S will prove to be a perfect contributor for professional photographers suiting the budget.

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