Free Global WI-Fi Service from Outer Space

Free Global WI-Fi Service from Outer Space


Mar 10, 2014
Free Global WI-Fi Service from Outer Space A new and ambitious project is being incubated by the Media Development Investment Fund (MDIF) which has extremely ambitious planning to beam the Wi-Fi to everyone on the planet for free which is certainly a great idea if successfully operated. The various organizations says that it is planning a project called “Outernet,” which will fruitfully utilize a satellite constellation to make the Internet universally-accessible and for no cost. This is one of the most ambitious innovations that are ever thought of.  Outernet says on its official website that there are more of the computing devices in the world than people.  It has also been researched and the statistics reveal that only 60 percent of the world has access to the Internet and thus these devices are not being used to their highest potential. “The price of Smartphone and the tablets is drastically dropping year after year, but the overall price of the data in many parts of the world continues to be completely unaffordable for the majority of the global citizens. In some of the places, such as the rural areas and various remote regions, the cell towers and the various Internet cables simply do not exists majority of the times,” this was announced in the Outernet’s official website. As per this announcement, the major objective of Outernet, an organization is to bridge the divide which is seen in global information. Free service of Wi Fi from space is the right vision that this specific organization is having for the long run. This particular organization says that the right of giving access to the knowledge to the Internet has to certainly offer a human right, so it is certainly guaranteeing this particular right by taking a very practical approach to the information delivery. The plan is to very successfully transmit an effective signal to the mobile devices, antennae and the satellite dishes, allowing the people to access the basic levels of the new, information, education and the various means of entertainment. Essentially the fruitful beginning of this new ambitious project will see to it that these particular devices will rightly be able to access some of this basic information for absolutely free of cost. Eventually, Outernet says it will be very ideally providing two-way Internet access for free, meaning not only will it be merely allowing everyone to download this useful data, but they will be able to use this particular global Wi-Fi service to upload things as well. Outernet will specifically consist of the hundreds of the low-cost, miniature satellites in Low Earth Orbit, each of which will be correctly receiving the various data streams from a network of the ground stations that are already present. These particular satellites will be effectively transmitting the data in a continuous loop until the new content is completely received. This particular organization also said that its entire constellation will be using the globally-accepted standards-based protocols like the DVB, Digital Radio Mondiale, and the UDP-based Wi-Fi multicasting so that the facility can be used across the globe irrespective of any region on earth.

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