iPad Mini 3 vs Nokia N1

iPad Mini 3 vs Nokia N1


Dec 3, 2014
iPad Mini 3 vs Nokia N1 With iPhone 6 taking the world by storm and Microsoft’s recent announcement of using its tag on all the upcoming smartphone, you would be quite surprised with the announcement of Nokia N1 tablet. Being a separate company and launching a tablet that runs on Android than Windows 8 will certainly give a tuff competition to its competitive brands. We are here to compare between Nokia N1 and iPad mini 3. The release date for Nokia N1 is slated for February 2015. Compared with iPad mini 3, we will have a look at the price, design and screen comparison below. Price Comparison (iPad mini 3 vs. Nokia N1) Slated for February 2015 release, the tablet is expected to be on sale at 249$. Nokia N1 will first be released in China and then in Europe. The UK price for the tablet is not yet fixed, but there is an estimation that will sum up to £199 (VAT included). Nokia N1 has a storage capacity of 32GB but it does not have a microSD slot. iPad mini 3 is already on the floor with its price range starting from £319 for 16GB till £597 for 128GB. Design (iPad mini 3 vs Nokia N1) The design of Nokia N1 when compared looks very similar to that of iPhone 6. In fact, the latest website launch of Nokia for N1 also looks similar to that of Apple’s website. When viewed from the bottom, the design is sleek and has a reversible USB connector (USB type C) with symmetrical speaker grills which are very similar to iPad. Well, having similar features isn’t that bad but then Nokia N1 has got those classy looks. The size and weight of iPad are slightly on a higher scale as compared to Nokia’s N1 at 6.9mm and 318g respectively. The weight of iPad mini 3 is 331g which is considered as little heavyweight in cellular version. Although the dimensions of iPad mini 3 and N1 are very similar to each other, the tablets look the same when viewed from the front too. Both the tablets have a webcam mounted at the top and thin bezels. The power buttons, headphone sockets, and volume button are all located at the same place. The only difference is of physical home button which N1 doesn’t have. Relying on Android on-screen buttons, N1 doesn’t need to have physical home button. Screen (iPad mini 3 vs Nokia N1) Apart from the structure being similar, the screen resolutions of both the tablets are similar at 2048×1536. The pixel density of N1 and iPad mini 3 is same at 326ppi as the size of the tables are similar. Theory suggests that N1 should have a better screen than iPad mini 3, but nothing can be certain till both are checked simultaneously. Hence, looking forward to buying a good tablet in the near future? Well, you just have to wait for few more months.  

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