Apple to compete with PayPal with its own mobile payments business

Apple to compete with PayPal with its own mobile payments business


Feb 1, 2014
Apple to compete with PayPal Apple has been a revolution in the field of Hardware services. With its best in class, premium hardware products, there has been a transformation in the hardware area. Apple has been in the market at the top with its tabs, iPods, iPhones, Macs, Accessories, iPads and servers.  The iPods have brought a dynamic change in the field of music and the phones are all set to challenge the big names in the payment industry. Apple has a large customer base with various online applications and properties like iTunes, Apple Store and it would be easy for all customers and Apple will get a good response. No matter what type of services Apple comes up with. They will be excellent in service and will be having their own touch. Apple has several other mind-blowing functions of verifying fingerprints in a flash as the company has your credit score, but it will soon launch its own payment facility that will let the market down for all other established payment businesses. The company has been thinking about this idea for quite a while, but it has been implemented and in the process in the year 2012. Apple users across the world are called iFans will make this payment services a huge hit in the market. A report as per the Wall Street Journal says that Apple is currently working in the mobile payment service. This means that all the iFans can use this facility for paying for existing accounts. So far the company is busy to put the puzzle pieces together to let you find out what comes next in the payment industry. This change in the payment industry will take on the other competitors like PayPal, Isis, Google and Square. Apple is not in a mood of revealing any further information about this plan. Though the company is into the research and development phase of the business, it is concerned about the battery life should not be drained. Also the payment on mobile can be a mess if they are not monitored carefully. But we all have to wait and watch for Apple to launch this new payment business, so we can check it live. All of the above strategic moves will make Apple step into the e-commerce business and will be a part of this new service. Regarding the same decision Apple recently filed a patent that would help the company with the payment solutions and can keep the payment information safe and secure. With the high volumes of credit cards and their users across the world, the payment business will convince all the retailers to buy the products from Apple for their payment solutions. All the above information shows that the company spends a lot of money in their research and development and they strive to stay at the top due to their premium products and a brand name. The dates for the payment business solutions are not yet announced for the launch of the payment solution, but soon they are expected to be.

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