Making things easier to carry and use with iPad Air

Making things easier to carry and use with iPad Air


Dec 9, 2013
Since its official declaration of ‘Thinnovation’, Apple has been introducing laptops and other devices which are meant to be lighter, thinner and yet faster and superior in technology. With the coming of the iPad Air, this initiative was realized in the tablet devices as well. The iPad Air, a fifth generation tablet, is the best tablet of Apple till date and has made things easier to carry, operate and utilize.

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  Design and Display: In comparison to the other tablets in the market, the iPad Air is super-light. It weighs only a pound and is 7.5 mm thin. It can actually be carried in a handbag! With the bezels being thinner than the earlier Apple devices and the introduction of the stunning Retina Display, the 9.7 inch display-screen is truly a wonder. With a screen resolution of 2048×1536, the iPad Air is strikingly similar to the iPad mini with retina display, although the latter is even smaller. Overall, the iPad Air is lighter and thinner than the iPad 4! Technology:   The powerful A7 chip makes the iPad Air the fastest tablet in town. It is customized for the iPad Air which makes the device so efficient and fast. It has a dual-core CPU with a speed of 1.4 GHz and an improved graphic core. The M7 motion coprocessor assists the A7 chip by measuring motion of iPad Air by collecting data from the cutting edge accelerometer and compass. The device has two antennas which increase the MIMO rate. The iOS 7 with 64 bit architecture includes some amazing features like easy-to-read horizontal orientation, pull-up Control Centre menu and its easy accessibility from apps, which make the experience even better. It also allows the user to share data across iOS devices. Although Apple has equipped the iPad Air with an anti-scratch surface and even a sensor that identifies the motion of your fingers, it has no Touch Id which is quite the rage in today’s times. Cameras and other Accessories: There has been no significant amount of improvement with regard to the camera in the iPad Air coming down from its predecessors. That is primarily because it is a tablet and not an iPhone.  The iSight camera in the iPad Air is of 5 megapixels as in other devices of the same generation. The FaceTime camera, however, has been upgraded to 1.2 megapixels with a high quality sensor to boot. The FaceTime HD video can shoot 1080p videos. The stereo speakers that come with the iPad Air are quite good. While recording something, they will automatically identify the main soundtrack and suppress any sound to keep the recording smooth. In keeping with the slim design of the device, the battery has also been specially redesigned. It can actually run for almost 13 hours without being recharged. This is amazing as to the sheer amount of work that can be done with the A7 chip within that time

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