Review of iPhone 6

Review of iPhone 6


Nov 26, 2014
Review of iPhone 6   With a 4.7 inch screen and a host of amazing features, Apple iPhone 6 is one in the minds of most of the smartphone fans. While the screen remains a headline feature of the phone, its super slim design and an improved processor are the ones to look out for in the phone. The addition of iOS 8 has been attracting people who are queuing up to lay their hands on this new piece of technology. The design of the phone is an equal attraction. The machined aluminium edges of iPhone 5S are a passé now. The novel design of iPhone 6 is all about soft curves and seamless design. The chamfered joints between the screens have returned with the phone. The rear features plastic detailing and even houses the antenna. Rest of the phone flaunts glass and metal design. The Amazing Seamless Design The design of the phone is such that metal and glass seem to be fused seamlessly. When the screen of the phone is turned off, the phone looks like a spectacular piece of black glass with anodised aluminium. The silver version of the phone features white bezel. The phone features good balance. Irrespective of orientation, Apple iPhone looks good in the hand. The edges of the phone are comfortable and they do not hurt. With 6.9 inch thickness, the phone is not only sleek but also strong at the same time. The Powerful Smartphone The smartphone is quite thin and light weighing 129 grams. The power button on the phone is at the right hand side, just above the Nano-SIM tray. It makes it quite easy to access the phone with thumb, especially for right handed person. Left-handed persons can use their index finger. Bottom of the phone features 3.5 mm headphone jack along with the lightning port as well as holes for the speaker that are six in number and quite beautiful. The Awesome Fast Performance Apple iPhone 6 features the all new A8 processor. It is a 64-bit dual core processor. The company claims that the phone offers 25 percent boost in speed and even 50 percent graphics boost. The A8 chip offers incredible power, which is further enhanced, thanks to M8 motion coprocessor. It measures the activity efficiently due to advanced sensors and includes even a new barometer. Users can do more for continued periods of time. Apple iPhone 6 offers a long battery life. The phone offers good performance in all aspects. The Grand Display Apple iPhone 6 features a higher resolution Retina HD display. This would probably be one of the first things that the users will notice. The phone offers a bigger and better experience. Featuring innovations, iPhone 6 delivers dual-domain pixels as well as higher contrast. With this, users will experience accurate colour and wider viewing angles. The polariser has improved specifications and features the advanced Multi-Touch display. The Superb Connectivity Apple iPhone 6 offers super fast connection that makes the user feel as if the entire world is within reach. That is the reason the phone offers better and faster speed of the download. It can connect to all the networks around the world.  

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