Aviary takes a pause on Windows 8 and WP8 development, goes ahead on iOS and Android

Aviary takes a pause on Windows 8 and WP8 development, goes ahead on iOS and Android


Jan 3, 2014
  aviary photo editor Even though the Windows phone since its launch via Nokia gained positive reviews and popularity among smartphone users, even surpassing the Blackberry sales, when it comes to competing with the Android and Apple devices, the Windows developers face a stiff competition. In February 2012, Aviary had announced its decision to extend support to Windows 8 and WP8. However,despite great reviews from the users of Windows phones, Aviary has decided to take a pause on the Windows 8 and WP8 development. Windows phones have a number of photo editing tools and apps while Aviary offered an imaging SDK. The advantage of imaging SDKs is that it enables developers to add photo editing tools and apps into their base and not have to create it right from the scratch. However, with Aviary’s decision to take a pause, Windows 8 app developers might be facing some problems in the near future to come. Aviary has often been compared to the Adobe Creative Suite, because of its similar features as a collection of free multimedia web-apps. Aviary serves as a platform for all app developers to create photo editing apps and statistics reveal that Aviary has been used for editing over 3 billion photos so far. For those not so familiar with digital photo editing and image manipulation will find Aviary a great free tool as an online image editing software. Aviary offers several image editing features that include Phoenix (a layer based image-editor), Raven (vector editor), Toucan (color palette coordinator),Myna (audio editor), Peacock (visual lab for creating amazing effects and visualisations), and lastly Talon (a Firefox extension that allows users to perform screen capturing and other features). With Aviary you can make your photos instantly beautiful, add special effects and frames. It has almost become a universally used app by iPhone and Android users. Aviary instead, has announced its new plans with iOS and Android and to extend support to these developers offering new font options and text tools for the image editing apps. Sources have revealed that apparently the “lack of general platform for traction” is the reason for removing its support to the Windows 8 and WP8. Considering the fast growing user base for both iOS and Android operating gadgets, it is understandable why Aviary opted to concentrate on these two developers for the time being. While on its pause with Windows 8, Aviary has decided to take into account feedback’s from all Windows app developers and then work upon them and get back in association with Windows 8 in 2014. For those disappointed with the news, they can always fall back on the Nokia imaging SDK meanwhile for developing their photo editing apps.

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