Google to fix the Nexus 5 Battery issue

Google to fix the Nexus 5 Battery issue


Mar 17, 2014
Google to fix the Nexus 5 Battery issue

Nexus 5 Overview

By launching their stunning and mind blowing Smartphone Nexus 5, Google and LG had astonished the market leaders in this segment. Power packed with a bundle of marvelous hardware and software features, Nexus 5 has indeed given a tough competition to some of the most chosen Smartphone’s. The craze for Nexus 5 was at such a great peak that they had to start up with pre-bookings. This smart phone has indeed driven the world by its astonishing features like Android 4.4 OS, supporting LTE networks, etc… Though the sales figures of Nexus 5 crossed over expectation, yet the problem in device has started showing up. Battery life is one of the major concerns for Mobile Users. The Nexus 5 users have registered an issue with respect to its battery. The device is facing battery drain issues consistently.

Google got the fix Nexus 5 Battery issue:

The battery drain issue has become a big headache for Nexus 5 users. Taking a note of this, Google has accepted this issue of “Battery Drain” in its Nexus 5 smart phone and has announced for coming up with its fix soon. Various other Android operated Smart Phones like Samsung Galaxy Note 3 are also complaining about the same. Nexus 5-mm-qcamera-daemon The AOSP team at Google has investigated the root cause of this issue. The team finds that this issue is taking place due to excessive usage of CPU of the “mm-qcamera-daemon process” that is caused due to the installations of certain camera accessing applications like Skype, Snap chat, etc… In a recent conference, AOSP member Eino – Ville Talvale said, “We believe we have fixes for the current high CPU reports on N5 (Nexus 5) due to mm-qcamera-daemon, and they will be included in the next maintenance update.” The process evokes the bug which enters the camera function. The user is unaware about it as the camera is automatically on in the background. Though the camera option is off, yet it is functioning. As a result, excessive battery starts draining up. Even by keeping the device on standby mode this issues does not go anywhere. However Google has stated that not only in their smart phone Nexus 5 but other Snapdragon processor Smart phones also will be facing this issue. Talvale said, “Instances of high CPU use of mm-qcamera-daemon on other devices besides the N5 (Nexus 5) need to be reported to their manufacturers. While those devices also use a Qualcomm chip for their camera processing (and thus have a mm-qcamera-daemon process), each has differences in their software and issues with them do not necessarily mean the N5 has the same problem, and vice versa.” The respective manufactures of those Smart Phones will have to look into it and come up with their fix for it. Google has announced to release the fix for this issue in coming time. Google has not yet announced the fix date, yet it is expected to be launched in quite less time. One of their team member said, “Unfortunately, I can’t provide an estimate for when the maintenance update will be ready, due to all the testing we need to do for this and other fixes. Until then, rebooting the phone is the only way to stop the high CPU usage/lack of camera function once it starts.”

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