Qualcomm processor 64 bit blueprint to combat the Apple A7 chip

Qualcomm processor 64 bit blueprint to combat the Apple A7 chip


Dec 18, 2013

Qualcomm processor to combat Apple A7 chip

In an overwhelming tech development that set flutters in the global market, hardware major Qualcomm Inc. announced its intentions of combating the famed Apple A7 chip with a new Qualcomm processor. The company announced the manufacture of smartphone chips which would contain personal computer-like 64 bit chip features. This would pave the way for the introduction of more such efficient mobile gadgets and increase competition with the Apple A7 chip. According to Qualcomm, the brand new Snapdragon 410 will come with revolutionary 4G connectivity features and technology. It will be targeted mainly at the emerging markets in China. The company stated its desire to incorporate such cutting edge technology in low cost Chinese smartphones from the second half of the year 2014 onwards. The company also has plans to standardize this 64 bit technology across its entire product range. This has been confirmed by none other than a senior marketing director at Qualcomm, Michelle Leyden Li. According to Li’s belief, this development paves the way towards filling up a crucial technological vacuum. There was a gap between high powered chips usually found in high performance business servers, personal desktop computers or high priced laptops and mobile processors which had lower horsepower in a manner of speaking. Qualcomm’s announcement has seen a follow-up on part of global electronics and technology major Samsung Electronics Co Ltd. who have also announced plans to incorporate 64 bit technology in their line of smartphones. 64 bit features in processors can lead to greater efficiency, memory usage and multiple high power functions. Modern day 32 bit processors will fall short in terms of sheer energy efficiency and higher memory advantages. This does necessitate greater memory capacities in smartphones of the future. This also requires certain software changes in order to re-align the smartphone totally to 64 bit processors, leaving 32 bit designs behind. According to Li, the company accepts this transition and desires to be one of the pioneers behind facilitating such a developmental ecosystem. Even Arun Chandrasekhar, chief marketing officer and senior vice president at Qualcomm, talked about how Apple’s 64 bit chip was constrained by 1GB RAM and 4GB of system memory. He also doubted the relevance of 64 bit technology in today’s line of smartphones. This may be why the company is in no apparent hurry to come up with their own version. The Apple A7 chip came into play in September which encouraged hopes of a possible merger of platforms for smartphone, Mac desktops and laptops all at once. Intel Corp. possesses mobile chips with 64 bit technology but developments are constrained by the x86 system architecture employed by the company. This technology has not quite caught on when it comes to tablets and smartphones. What transpires is that the sheer power of the A7 chip could see it becoming the future backbone of even Mac PC’s and laptops. Qualcomm aspires to take the technology market by storm by coming up with a competing processor on similar lines.

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