The coolest gadget is here – Get the Google Glass and experience life in a new way

The coolest gadget is here – Get the Google Glass and experience life in a new way


Feb 26, 2014
Google glass review About Google Glass: Launched in 2014, Google Glass has almost driven the masses crazy. A unique and novel offering, Google glass is a portable and easy to carry computer or smart phone device which is worn like a goggle or sun glasses. Google had developed Google glass under the Project Glass Research and Development. Google glass is developed in a way that it is capable of doing all the functions similar to a smartphone or a laptop. It is a hands free device. Google in association with Foxconn has manufactured the Google Glass. RayBan and Warby Parker have been partnered for frame of Google Glass. The lens for Google Glass solely depends upon consumer’s prescription. Google Glass is in modular format and hence it will get fitted with the prescribed glasses. Google Glass has been launched this year for the consumers worldwide. Review of Google Glass: Powered with the Android 4.0.4 version Operating System, Google glass is well compiled with the latest tech – features. The display is LED illuminated with usage of Liquid Crystal on Silicon and field sequential color. It is a P – polarized glass. Hence it prevents the user from sunrays and UV rays. The 640 x 360 display might sound to be very low at first go but it makes the user experience the picture quality similar to the 25 inch HD Display. It has an inbuilt camera with 5 mega pixel which records 720p video. It is Bluetooth and Wi-Fi enabled and hence internet can be easily accessed at any point of time. The device does not have headphone but the audio vibrations enables audibility to the user. With respect to storage, there is 16 GB in total out of which 12 GB is usage storage and 4GB is software storage. The storage technology is cloud storage. RAM can store 682 MB of data. There is proximity sensor and light sensing technology. It has a touch function. Hence the panel on the right eye can be easily operated with the help of touch. It has a regular MicroUSB slot which helps in charging the battery. Also, files can be transferred through USB slot. The headset can be linked with this device through USB. Google Glass is said to be compatible with every face. It can easily be fit. There are three adjustable sets of nose pads which ensure comfort to the user. Usage of Google Glass: Google Glass has been developed and manufactured with pool of benefits for the users. Google Glass can access every Google application namely Gmail, Google Now, Google Plus, Google Maps, etc… The third party companies have provided free applications in the device. “My Glass” is an in-built app which manages and configures the device. The device responds to Voice commands. The device can easily access internet. Hence, it helps in checking mail, responding them back and surfing sites. Google glass can click pictures and record moments anytime anywhere. The files can be uploaded and shared easily. The navigation option helps the user in identifying and locating route maps to destinations. Google Glass Explorer Edition XE  is available for $2,878 from Amazon. What are you waiting for? Buy it and experience it now!

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