First Ever Curved Screen LG 105-inch Television

First Ever Curved Screen LG 105-inch Television


Jan 22, 2014
First Ever Curved Screen 105-inch Television by LG Every and TV fan dream about home theatre with great sound effect and picture effect. Well the good news is LG 105 inch television has fulfilled that dream. It is a magnificent work of technology. LG 105 inch curved TV with 4K Ultra High Definition picture quality’s an extreme technology creation. You can see the wide screen with nothing amiss in the background. It gives a theater quality picture and effect. It is a proud acquaintance of your home. The screen is 105 inches which means you need to make changes in your room. The television is kept in the ratio of 21:9 with high definition resolution of 5120 x 2160, which is a good quality resolution and picture sharp quality. You will get fine picture quality with great colors. There is no eye shutting sharpness to the picture. The LG is able to provide with uniform light effect on such a huge screen with the help of thin film transistor technology. It avoids the light differentiation throughout the screen and also helps to give uniform color and picture effect on the screen. The LG 105 inch cinema style television uses the LED LCD TV technology, which gives good quality picture from all the angles. The TV is High definition smart TV with the jaw dropping price of $69,999. It is unbelievably true, and so be careful while loading your TV in your house. The best thing about this investment is that it gives best picture quality same as the theatre movie. You can convert your 2 dimensional movies into 3 dimensional sensation. It is a smart TV for generation next and makes the price worth.  It has webOS platform on TV itself, which helps you to switch between many services like Facebook,Netflix, Hulu plus, cinema now, etc. very easily. All this can done just on one TV. The launch of the TV is in year 2014 and everybody are waiting eagerly. The launch of LG 105 inch High Definition television with ratio of 21:9 is going to change the experience of TV at home. This is the age of smart appliances, smart cell phones, smart cameras, smartplugs, etc. Therefore, smart television is the next step. This promises the great picture quality, great sound system, and out of the world experience. All are eager for the release of the LG 105 inch TV in market.  If you try to look at the dark side, you can only think about why you cannot buy the television. Well the sole fact is non-affordability and high price of the television. This 4K high definition 105 inch television is the unique and first television with curved screen. You can only imagine the picture quality on such a huge screen watching it sitting at home.

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