Google’s Nexus- A serious challenge or losing its control over Android makers?

Google’s Nexus- A serious challenge or losing its control over Android makers?


Dec 17, 2013

Google’s Nexus

Google nexus is the new age mobile device which is being manufactured by Google in partnership with other manufacturers. The operating system used by nexus is android. Google nexus comes in two series i.e. mobile phones and tablets. In the world of mobile devices business, Google nexus has many competitors in the fore run like Samsung, HTC etc. Recently Samsung reported enormous earnings with their smart phones which work on the android operating system. So is HTC and LG. Apple is also developing the IOS in mobile platforms along with the already fore running iPads. Updating the technology is where Google nexus lacks and thus loses the control of android as compared to its other competitors. Due to the hierarchy of operator approvals the updation gets staggered in Google. However in case of Samsung or HTC they have the benefit due to the use of additional applications and cloud services. Android is very much technically ahead as compared to IOS. Since android is used by Samsung as well this has become a very big challenge for Google. Google releases the updated versions of android in a timely manner. Google can take full control over the rights of android and not release their future versions to others .With the huge platform and versions created by Android, Google may want to challenge the android makers, however this seems impossible in near future with the small licenses that android has with other OEM’s as well. Google has a massive challenge of performing a balancing act between maintaining a healthy relationship with its equipment manufacturers like Samsung, HTC and LG and balancing the massive crowd of android fans who want their nexus phones to run the best with the latest and updated versions. In recent times, Google came with Samsung S4 and HTC one to balance this act. Thus by doing this the users got the access of the latest versions of android on these phones while the manufacturers got to use the nexus platform for their own handsets. LG came with the latest nexus smart phone and so did Samsung. Though Google has Motorola has its triumph card which they have recently taken over for the next generation nexus devices, they can pretty much challenge the android makers. However rare is the chance that they can surpass them. People take long time to get invested in one particular ecosystem and to change their mindset to go for other ecosystem is very difficult. They choose the platform whose features they are best comfortable with. Once they are comfortable with it they are willing to pay for various applications and services provided. Thus making a change in the ecosystem would mean to start from the basic and get trained on the features of other ecosystem as well as the additional costs incurred for replacing applications and their peripherals. In short, people will just continue to go for something they are most comfortable with and that would be android. This would be a major challenge for Google to surpass the android makers.

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