Presenting Windows Phone 8.1 for Generation Next with Cortana

Presenting Windows Phone 8.1 for Generation Next with Cortana


Apr 9, 2014
Windows phone 8.1 About Windows Phone 8.1: The very new and latest smart phone by Microsoft Windows is the current buzz in this segment. Naming it as Windows Phone 8.1, Microsoft finally came up with the successor of Windows Phone 8. Microsoft officially revealed its latest product at Microsoft’s Build Conference held at San Francisco, California on 2nd April, 2014. However, the final launch of this product for common people will be held in last week of April or first week of May. Also, users of Microsoft Phone 8 can upgrade to the OS Windows Phone 8.1.

Features of Windows Phone 8.1

Windows Phone 8.1, power packed with 8 brand new features would indeed evoke call for action. Although the hardware, look and appeal of Windows Phone 8.1 will resemble a lot with Windows Phone 8, yet the users will feel and experience a great difference with respect to its features. Let us understand about the features of Windows Phone 8.1. 1. A great customizable screen: Microsoft has made an attempt to make the start screen more lively and interactive. It has added a feature of customization by which the user can easily add the images beneath the tiles displaying on Start Screen. The user can do so by selecting the feature “Start Background”. The feature would ask the user to select his or her desired image which can be placed for multiple numbers of tiles. Initially this option has limited color choice. This option is present on all the screen sizes. 2. Cortana is very much there: What is Cortana? Cortana is the highlighting feature of Windows Phone 8.1 which is a voice based virtual assistant in Windows Phone 8.1. It is similar to “Siri” of Apple. It substitutes the search option and allows the user to use it with great ease and comfort. By pressing “Live” option on start screen, the user can connect with Cortana. It can be used verbally or by pressing buttons. It claims to search the data at a great speed. Also, it can understand languages easily. 3. Notifications by Action Centre: The Action Centre option in this phone will notify the user about emails, messages, instant chats, calls, etc… It will auto set with options like roaming, flight mode, Wi – Fi, Bluetooth, etc… 4. Keyboard for fast typing: Microsoft has introduced its Word Flow Keyboard which allows the user to swipe and introduce the words with great ease. It enables the user to type and enter text quickly. It responds to 16 languages which eases communication. 5. Integrated Skype: Windows Phone 8.1 has an integrated skype option which can collaborate with Cortana as well. The dialer option can facilitate video and voice calling with just a click. 6. Click and relish with smart option: The new “Camera Roll” option by Microsoft can give a great experience of clicking, viewing and accessing clicked images. There are various options which can help in tweaking images and share them instantly. 7. Senses in this phone: Introducing the new Sense application, Microsoft has indeed come up with something new for its users. This app includes Wi-Fi, Storage and Data Sense features.  Data Sense provides information with respect to data usage in phone. Wi-Fi sense auto connects with Wi-Fi hotspots in nearby areas. Storage Sense helps the users in managing their data stored in MicroSD and internal memory. 8. Other delighting features: The battery option has been revamped to Battery Sensing. It gives complete details about battery usage and consumption. The “Search”, “Back” and “Start” options have been introduced in the screen itself.

Frequently Asked Questions?

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