Microsoft offers 20GB of extra SkyDrive storage to Windows phone users for a year

Microsoft offers 20GB of extra SkyDrive storage to Windows phone users for a year


Jan 4, 2014
skydrive 20gb free with windows phone Free SkyDrive storage of 20 GB to Window phone users! Though not yet official, Microsoft has been calling Nokia Windows phone users this past week about giving 20 GB free SkyDrive storage. Though, there is little clarity about the end beneficiaries of this scheme but that much is true that free storage is being awarded to Windows phone users. It is yet to be seen if only new customers will be enjoying this benefit or it will be enjoyed by all Windows phone users. It is significant to note that currently 7GB storage is already available to the users and they are getting 20GB extra or additional to what they are getting. This news was confirmed by official sources of Microsoft. The company has been sending emails to the Window phone device linked Live account. As per their email, the users of Windows phone are getting free 20 GB Microsoft SkyDrive storage for entire one year. This news is being quite appreciated by Windows phone users. The mail further states that this benefit is being given to the users as appreciation and the facility will be available for complete one year. This is in addition to seven GB storage space already enjoyed by the Windows phone users. It seems that festivity is in air. Last few weeks of the year are filled with a lot of fun and excitement, family get together, egg nog, crackling fire in the fireplace and a promise of a good year ahead. The news of extra SkyDrive storage has added much more to this jubilant mood. Presents galore from every direction and Microsoft are also right in the thick of things by offering this interesting benefit. It seems that company is truly steeped within holiday spirit. 20 GB SkyDrive storage space for absolutely free is something very special for Window phone users. Irrespective of their status with the company, all users will be enjoying this advantage. SkyDrive has proven to be a significant part or the backbone of Windows phone 8 or Windows 8. These phones are exceedingly dependent on cloud services that are needed for enhanced accessibility of Office docs. It helps in automatically uploading photos besides offering a multitude of benefits. In a way, availability of 20 GB extra storage space is something quite significant and thus has been welcomed by all Window users. Microsoft also offers this facility to Surface Pro 2 and Surface 2 owners who enjoy 200 GB extra space, though, this advantage comes with few strings attached. When an email from Microsoft stating free 20GB storage space arrives in the mailbox of Windows phone users, they need to click on a link. This link needs to be clicked latest by 31st January and enjoy this amazing benefit. This advantage can be used for the period of entire year and when the time gets over, user need to go for premium subscription of SkyDrive. If not interested, one can enjoy this facility till the facility is available. If someone likes this facility too much, the best idea is to go for premium subscription and enjoy continued benefits

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