Microsoft to bring Threshold a Windows 9

Microsoft to bring Threshold a Windows 9


Feb 3, 2014
Microsoft to bring ‘Threshold’ a Windows 9 Microsoft is a big name in the business and it manufactures, supports, sells, licenses computer software, personal computer, electronics and provides services to all. Microsoft has its headquarter in Redmond, Washington and the company has some of the best known products like the Internet Explorer browser, Microsoft Windows, a range of operating systems and Microsoft office. Microsoft is one of the largest software make in the world and the company was founded by Bill Gates and Paul Allen. As per the report from the Microsoft website is clear that the new operating system-Threshold is set to launch in the year 2015 if everything goes as per the schedule. It is said that Microsoft is currently working on the development of the Threshold. The Threshold is one of the big plans and the Threshold is making news from quite a sometime. This was disclosed in the Build Conference, which was held in San Francisco in the year April 2014 followed by a confirmation email by the Executive Vice President of Microsoft Terry Myerson. Microsoft has discussed a few plans and its vision about its future plans and threshold is one which the company boasts about. Developers around the world will get a chance to sneak peek into the Threshold lab, Also one more thing is important is that the Threshold is the beginning of the end of the Windows 8 and the Threshold will be called as the Windows 9. Terry Myerson, Executive Vice President Microsoft also said that the Threshold will also have the updates as per all the three Operating Systems i.e. Windows phone, Xbox One and Windows. Threshold is one of the many important updates in the company along with some others. Threshold doesn’t refer only one particular element. It will be somewhat similar to the Windows 8.1 and will encompass the wave of operating system which will be across all windows based phones, gaming consoles and devices. It will have to try and strike a balance between the daily increasing requirements for over a billion traditional PC users. The three test versions will be released soon, which will be called as the Milestones and in April 2015 the final version is expected to be released. It is still not sure that what these releases will be called or if they will be provided to the public or not. The threshold boasts of a new and improved Metro UI and also expects that the threshold will give a unified user experience, for Windows, Xbox one platform and Windows Phone. This Metro design language will be a major focus on the threshold program. The changes that will be seen in the future are still not confirmed, but now it can be said that it is safe that a window mode will work on the desktop. The threshold also features the Start Menu which has the ability to use the modern applications with Windows 8. Let’s hope that we see some major changes to the Windows Operating system that will enhance overall user experience.

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