Leaked photo exposes Samsung’s Windows Phone plans which are underway

Leaked photo exposes Samsung’s Windows Phone plans which are underway


Feb 19, 2014

Samsung_ATIV_S_Windows_Phone_5The famous Korean handset maker Samsung is very likely to unveil a new Windows Phone. The famous tipster @evleaks has particularly posted a photo exposes Samsung’s Windows Phone plan, a new device called the Samsung SM-W750V “Huron”, which it very confidently claims as the company’s forthcoming Windows Phone 8.1-powered device and this would indeed fascinate a number of handset lovers. This particular model is very well headed to the Verizon Wireless, a prominent network carrier in the country of US. Leaked photo reveals Samsung’s Windows Phone plans are underway and this has rippled a lot of media attention.

The upcoming new model has the same form factor as the Samsung Galaxy S4 model. It very well comes with the rounded form factor, sensors and the very effective front camera at the top, the power button on the right, the volume rocker on the left and a physical button at the bottom of the handset. Even the size looks a lot similar, which eventually means the phone will have a 5-inch 1080p display. It is likely that Samsung will soon unveil the device at the MWC along with the Galaxy S5.

Getting onto the Windows platform will certainly reduce Samsung’s over-dependence on the Android OS. This would not be the first time that Samsung would launch a Windows Smartphone, having launched and abandoned its Ativ series of devices earlier.

Windows 7 is finally released. In such a dog-eat-dog mobile internet times, we very sincerely hope that this entirely latest operation system will very particularly bring us the right and optimum usage of the experience to the users. Why there are so many people willing to wait for this particular electronic gadget?

Here are some of the features and advantages listed briefly

  • Wide Support from brand manufactures- The first ten windows 7 smart cell phones will be very soon launched into the market, manufactured by the international famous cell phone manufacturers for example Samsung. High powered Snapdragon processor is very well applied in the overall process of manufacturing in order to achieve the perfect combination with the help of Windows Phone 7, ensuring that the users experience the new frontier of mobile internet.
  • Unique start screen- The start screen of the windows phone is a move-zone which very well allows users to see the normal applications at the very first sight. The built-in mobile pane could very well display more of the rich information.The main interface of the windows 7 smart phones is very simple and direct, but the internal content is no doubt ever-changing. The users could change the content arrangement and the overall color of the blocks at will.
  • The empire of social networking- The Social networking has also become an indispensable part of our lives. The Window phone deeply integrates the social network websites like Twitter, SNS and the other online services. The information that is released by your family, friends or the other contacts will be very well displayed on the phone.

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