Know about Windows 8.1 OS

Know about Windows 8.1 OS


Mar 10, 2014
Windows 8.1 OS Seeing that there was a great need for the better management and integration of the literally high-power applications. Microsoft has launched a new version of the operating system. It is the Windows 8.1 and is both designed for the various casual users and the business professionals. Those who are literally using the Windows 8 can avail the free upgrade to Windows 8.1 OS from the Windows App Store. All you should know about windows 8.1 with Bing is here in this write-up.

Major features of Windows 8.1 Operating System

1. Boot To desktop & Start Button The start button and the booth to the desktop features are completely new and were not available previously. A user can both right click on the start button and make the right use of the various options within it. A long menu is being displayed on the screen through which he can get the get the right access of the various functions like Control Manager, Task Manager, Device Manager, Search, and the CMD prompt along with many others which are of great use. 2. Innovative Snap View One of the truly handy and completely innovative features is the Snap View. In the Windows 8, a user could only run one or two of the applications side by side due to the overall limited size of the resolution screen. But in the Windows 8.1, the screen resolution has indeed considerably increased towards the better and so four applications can be very well viewed simultaneously. 3. Updated and New Default Applications Various improvements have been made in the applications like Xbox Music, Skype and Photos and Mail as well. If we look at the dynamic feature of X-Box, then we will see that it has been redesigned in order to suit the choices of the user relative to the music. The various choices include the mediums like Radio, Collection and Store. In fact, a person can rightly filter songs by the artist’s name, album and title, and then sort it by the date, genre, alpha and the artist too. As far as the Photos are concerned, a user can probably edit the photos. He can apply the various Instagram filters, adjust the light and contrast settings, and do the required cropping as well. On the other side, through the Mail application a user can drag and drop some emails between the folders respectively. Lastly, the dynamic Skype application displays a very prominent notification at the top of the lock screen whenever an instant message or an incoming call is coming up. This probably enables the user to answer without logging into the respective desktop or the laptop. Moreover, a concerned person can send the various images or the files and that Skype will snap to a side window if a link is being opened through it. 4. Bing Applications and New Windows Explorer The various applications have been very boldly introduced within the Search engine Bing and they include the various features like the Food & Drink, Health & Fitness, Maps, News, and Sports etc. The Bing Finance very specifically enables a user to considerably add and monitor his portfolio holdings in a very convenient way. The utility features very prominently include a newly designed Calculator application,  TIFF files and PDF files Reader, the Sound Recorder and Scan as well. The Alarm application can be very ideally used either as a stopwatch or a timer too.

Frequently Asked Questions?

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