Sony updates its upcoming PS4 with SHAREfactory and Game Pre-Loading

Sony updates its upcoming PS4 with SHAREfactory and Game Pre-Loading


Apr 29, 2014

Sony updates its upcoming PS4  with SHAREfactory and Game Pre-Loading

About Sony PlayStation 4 Update:

Children are very fond of playing video games. The time has changed when we as kids used to play video games with the help of a remote and a CD. The emergence of Xbox and PlayStation has drastically changed the meaning of video games. The games give a virtual playing experience to the players. Xbox and PlayStation have been releasing newer versions from time to time. Children are the most overwhelmed ones as they wait desperately for newer versions. Sony’s PlayStation regularly comes up with newer versions along with certain helpful updates. This time Sony’s PlayStation 4 is coming up with a system update for 1.70. The game will see a new app for video editing named as “SHAREfactory” as well as a pre-loader for loading games. Currently Sony has announced this news for gathering consumer response, reaction and feedback for such updates.

Pre – Loading

Sony’s PS4 will be seen with a significant change as it is introducing the feature of Pre – loading. The Pre – Loading feature allows and enables the user to download the game much before its official launch. By pre – loading the games, the user can start playing with it immediately. The Pre – Loading feature enables the user to avoid waiting for the official launch and then download it. The players have added advantage with this feature that is, they need not undergo those time taking downloading process which often happens post launch. Instead with Pre – loading the players can simply download and save the game well before it is officially launched in market. Apart from this, it also downloads digital games as well. It is auto download utility option. The option automatically downloads the game as soon as it is allowed to be Pre – loaded.

Video Editor: SHAREfactory:

The next upgrade that Sony has done in its PlayStation is the inclusion of SHAREfactory. SHAREfactory is altogether a new app which allows the user to edit videos with great ease. With SHAREfactory, users can easily combine gameplay clips and further personalize it. It can utilize filters, themes, transitions stickers and text to make video edits. The PlayStation Camera in sync with SHAREfactory can make a recording for picture in picture commentary for gameplay clips. This software will help in making an addition of audio to the videos. It enables the user to share these videos on social networking platforms namely Facebook, Twitter, etc. It can also transfer data on USB external storage. With respect to the release date, Sony only replied, “It is coming soon…” Sony had also informed that these updates are simply a glimpse of their work. They also added that they are in the phase of coming up with new updates but the dates are yet to be decides and announced. Microsoft is also following the footsteps of Sony. They are too working hard to come up with an altogether a new set of improvisations for their software improvements. Microsoft is also planning to release SmartGlass features and various other improvements.

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