Living those childhood days with Sega Game Gear

Living those childhood days with Sega Game Gear


Feb 25, 2014
childhood days with Sega Game Gear An overview: Gaming The era of 90s got introduced with the new definition of playing games namely video games. Sega had developed a series of video games for children and teenagers. They named their device as Sega Game Gear. Sega Game Gear is a Master system which can be easily carried from place to place. It comprises of numerous video games that give a great gaming experience. Sega had manufactured this device in the year 1991. Ever since, Sega Game Gear has launched its different versions and model. Sega has given numerous games like Streets of Rage 2, Dragon Crystal, Disney’s Aladdin, Road Rash, Shinobi 2, Star Wars, Sonic Drift 2, etc… Reviewing about Sega Game Gear: Sega Game Gear is indeed a wonderful offering for all times. The games can be played on the device screen as well as on TV. The Sega Game Gear promises to deliver a gaming experience worth remembering. The screen is wide enough. The device is driven by a 3.58 MHz processor. The processor is advanced enough to give quality experience. The device has two buttons which helps the user in playing. The buttons are generally red in color. The device is available in only black color. The name of the brand is Sega. It is played by handheld system only. The central processing unit of the device has an 8 bit 3.5 MHz Zilog Z80 chip. The size of the screen is 3.2 square inches. The screen displays 32 colors in one time. The resolution is 160 x 144 pixels. The resolution is efficient enough in displaying a variety of 4096 colors. The light in the screen is high enough for the players to even play in less light. The battery of Sega Game Gear is 6AA. The life of the battery is between three to five hours. Sega Game Gear has a RAM memory of 8KB and video RAM capacity of 16 KB. The dimension of Samsung Game Gear is 209 x 111 x 37 mm.  The height, width and depth of Sega Game Gear is 4.37x 8.23 x 1.46 inches. The device belongs to fourth generation. Sega has marketed its Game Gear as the most superior technological handy device to Game Boy. In the 1990s, Atari Lynx and Turbo Express faced severe competition from Sega Game Gear. Later due to issues in battery, game titles and inefficient support system from Sega, the Game Gear got defeated by Game Boy. The Sega Game Gear can be purchased online by ordering from eBay, Amazon, etc… The Game Gear by Sega is very handy and easy to carry. The games by Sega are interesting enough to even evoke interest of playing by the elderly ones. Sega launched numerous accessories to utilize while playing by the Game Gear.

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