The Sony PS4 Review

The Sony PS4 Review


Feb 10, 2014
The Sony PS4 Review There are certain good and positive views about Sony PS4. The PlayStation 4 very well serves up the dazzling graphics, runs on a very simplified and logical interface, and boasts of a fantastic controller. It is also much cheaper than the rival Xbox One and has the upper hand on the indie and day one digital-only offerings. Also there are certain negative aspects of Sony PS4.  The Triple-A titles are indeed lacking at the launch phase, and the PS4 would not come close to matching its predecessor’s gaming or the software library for months — or possibly for years together. The PS3 games aren’t actually compatible, though Sony is particularly hinting that its Gaikai game-streaming service will particularly open the door to the form of the retro gaming in the year 2014. The PS4 also has no DLNA compatibility or the media playback support which made its predecessor such a great all-around content player which goes without any doubt. The bottom line is that the PlayStation 4’s beautiful graphics, the extremely beautiful and blazing interface, and the near-perfect controller certainly make it a complete worthy successor to the PS3, but it would indeed be wise to wait for more titles and the various features before you purchase. November 15.was the day when Sony unleashed and launched the PlayStation 4, the much hyped follow up to the Sony’s PlayStation 3, a wonder machine that very grandly debuted all the way back in the year 2006. The road particularly leading up to the grand launch has been quite tedious and bloodied by an intense rivalry with Microsoft’s Xbox One due to exactly one week later. Both the new consoles very well arrive with their own marketing spin designed to the claim of the gaming throne: at $400, the PS4 is completely affordable next-gen machine, whereas the $500 Xbox One promises a completely ambitious, always-on integration with live TV that aims to subsume your cable box. Without these particular and prominent distinctions, however, brands like Microsoft and Sony consoles could indeed be very well separated right at the beginning. Both offer indeed the most powerful HD graphics that nearly match the high-end gaming PCs in a major way. Each of these particularly very prominently delivers a small initial set of the non-gaming entertainment applications, and a relatively underwhelming slate of the ultimate exclusive games out of the gate. Both Sony and Microsoft very prominently offers a almost similar line-up of the third-party games, including the various requisite roster of the EA Sports names, and the various latest instalments – all of which have already been already released either on the PS3  or on Xbox 360. The highly talked about PS4 and the Xbox One also share one ugly defect: neither console can play the games that are purchased for their respective predecessors. Your library of PlayStation 3 or the Xbox 360 discs is not welcome here. This Sony PS4 review can be really helpful for those willing to buy one. See the Sony PlayStation 4 Console is available at Amazon for $390 onwards.

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