Sony PlayStation 4 – the new games console!

Sony PlayStation 4 – the new games console!


Dec 9, 2013


The launch of Playstation 4 has attracted an incredible demand world-wide and is known to be out-of-stock in the retail outlets. Amazon has recorded a whooping number of advanced orders accompanied by appreciative customer reviews. Sony is trying to cater to this huge demand before Christmas so that buyers can sneak the PS4 as Christmas gifts into pillows or X’mas trees. Playstation 4 costs £349.99, which is much cheaper than its rival game console manufacturer having the same memory (8 GB) and storage (500 GB) capacity. In America, it’s available for $399 only. In India, it is available on for advance orders for Rs. 40,000. It has a very impressive touch pad consisting of a Share button. The controller vibrates to indicate gameplay. As compared to Playstation 3, the processors for the Playstation 4 are ten times faster and more powerful. Therefore, the images are crisper, sharper, avid, creating an illusion of more realistic imagery through the gaming interface. Additionally, supported by its enhanced processing speed the gamers endure a thrilling and tantalizing gaming experience. The PS 4 places the gamers first with smart features to ensure a smooth gaming experience, such as automatic background updates, plays as you download (gamers can begin playing a game while it downloads), personalized content (intuitive customizations, play used games (can sell or gift games). Still, another 180 games are being developed. What else can gamers ask for? It records the last 15 minutes of gameplay and allows edits and share it on YouTube or e-mail. Matt Peckham has praised this product saying that it is, “everything Sony’s learned about platform design, honed and polished to something just shy of perfection”. Several fake web links have been hosted offering this console for sale. Buyers are advised to verify the sources before they make their purchases.

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