Top 1 Billion Android Sales in 2014

Top 1 Billion Android Sales in 2014


Jan 28, 2015
Top 1 Billion Android Sales in 2014 The operating system, Android from Google in mobile phones is said to have surpassed 1 billion users in the year 2014, as per the latest figures from Gartner research group. The Android, that has been installed on varied tablets and smart phones introduced by Sony, Samsung, HTC and rest of the majority manufacturers, has been forecasted to reach almost 1.1 billion users in the year of 2014, which forms 26 percent rise from 2013. The paced growth is attributed pertaining to the proliferation of affordable devices running the Android operating system, which are specifically popular in evolving markets. “There is no doubt that there is a volume versus value equation, with Android users also purchasing lower-cost devices compared to Apple users,” said Annette Zimmerman, principal analyst at Gartner. Mac OS and Apple’s iOS operating systems are anticipated to run on 344 million latest Macs, iPhones and iPads this year, demonstrating a 28 percent leap on the amount of devices that were shipped in 2013. Gartner stated that smart phones are anticipated to manipulate all round shipments of device, with a 1.9 billion smart phones’ shipment in the year 2014, which forms a 5 percent rise from the year 2013. The tablet market across the globe is also anticipated to rise 47 percent in the year 2014, with a meager average selling prices driving in new users. Anyways, this growth is invited at the expenditure of traditional desktops that are forecasted to an overall 278 million units in the year 2014, which forms a 7 percent fall from the year 2013. As per the director of Gartner Research, Ranjit Atwal, users continue to part their ways off from the conventional desktops. The reason for this is the higher flexibility offered by the tablets, lighter notebooks and hybrids that are capable of addressing the ever growing and diversified demands of the users. Gartner stated that it awaits a collaborated global shipment of the devices to make it to 2.5 billion units in the present year, 7.6 per cent more than in 2013. Whilst the growth of Android has been pulled down, the evolving markets of China and India are forecasted to offer fresh customers. As per the Gartner reports, 75% or more of the Android’s volumes would be supported from the emerging markets by the year 2017. However, in spite of all these facts and figures, when Apple mints its money basically from the sales of device, Google is dependent on endorsements, thereby making its share in the market dominant and a source of notable revenue. Google at present commands more than half of the entire mobile advertisement revenue, earning $4.6 billion in the year 2012 alone. Due to this, the company is allowed to announce Android as a loss leader. Device sale profits are a pittance in comparison with the advertisement revenue generated, thereby making the meager amount of markets’ and devices’ share quite important to Google.        

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