What is Google’s New Inbox

What is Google’s New Inbox


Dec 10, 2014
What is Google's New Inbox There are quite a lot of days forcing us to believe we are swamped under the huge bundle of emails. Google should be thanked for its recent way of managing emails; thereby making it less stressful and more productive through organized process. Google Inbox is, in fact, just a new interface that has been introduced for your already existing Gmail account. You can keep your existing address or even use the regular Gmail interface as per your wish and convenience. As per Google, the standard Gmail interface is not going anywhere; the Inbox is an alternative addition. Inbox is a modern Gmail interface that is capable of intelligently segregating your email and letting you cache messages till further and also highlights the most crucial information from your inbox. The Gmail team of Google thinks it is aware of the know-how with a new app called as Inbox. The Inbox  launched recently offers a diverse way of handling the daily barrage of email. Particularly created by keeping in mind the mobile users, it categorizes and transforms emails into reminders and highlights the important bits and sums up outside information that is seemingly helpful. Even as quite a few people are approaching to other different tools for easier and quicker communication, from their phones like apps for messaging, social networks, emails, texts remain an invaluable and also at times an infuriating way of communication through mobile devices. It is also possible for you to filter out spam, which is something that Gmail excels at, yet there is still a legitimate large volume of email that has to be dealt with. Many companies have taken a blow at improving the experience of email. Gmail recently initiated categorizing emails automatically along with placing them in different tabs of your inbox, like updates, promotions, social and priority. The popular third-party app called Mailbox uses gestures and folders to make segregation through emails easier. That company was cracked by Dropbox. Mailbox’s time-saving and reminder-centric approach heavily influenced Inbox.  It also borrows few neat features from Google Now. Inbox works in a simpler way. It functions through group formation of similar messages together, like the bills, as in what Google calls the “Bundles.” It is possible for you to schedule a bundle in order only to show up at particular intervals, for instance once a week. All the words from the email need not be read just to reach the juicy bits. Whatever could be the key parts of an email as per the Inbox, will get highlighted like confirmation numbers, photos or contact information. Apart from this, it is also tapping Google for relevant information for saving you from a trip to the search engine. For instance, if you have set a reminder for calling a dog groomer; the business’s contact information will automatically show up. Messages can be transformed into reminders; these reminders can be easily snoozed, and the important emails get “pinned” while the rest of them are whisked away.  

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