Google Nearby could add home and device automation to Android

Google Nearby could add home and device automation to Android


Jun 27, 2014
Google nearby android After the announcements of WWDC the peripheral life of the iOS around the iPhone would be summed up as per the plan of the Apple. And so, there can be seen a big step ahead with the Healthkit towards health and with the Homekit platform and API towards home automation. Apparently, with the help of newer APIs, we can state that iOS has managed well to considerably pull well than Android pertaining to the developments that could be done with OS. But, the I/O of Google is still around the corner and we are sure Google will revert with one or two features that target the similar segment. As per the current scenario, undoubtedly, home automation and health are the next vital frontiers, particularly after the two companies realized their vision of merging their OS with the cars. Homekit has got the answer Nearby by Google. The concept has surfaced with the help of an extraordinary scoop brought by the Android Police. The website mentions that the Nearby will automate numerous actions and activities without the user requiring to interact with the smart phone. App mentions that it is possible to share, connect and do even more with the things, places and the people that are near you with the help of Nearby. When you account is featured with nearby, mic, Bluetooth, Wi-fi and alike features can be turned on periodically by Google. These features will be turned on for both the present and future device used by you. Google services like Google+ and rest will need access of this to let you share, connect and do more. The greater most possible application that the Google is very much likely to exploit is the internet of things and the home automation just after the announcement of the WWDC. For instance, the immediate delivery of your favorite soda that is manipulated by your proximity by a vending machine has the functionality of Nearby baked in it. This machine will then trigger your action identifying the device simultaneously charging your PayPal account or Google Wallet. This all works the same even for a door of a garage that waits to be opened only on your command when the smart phone can be found just around the corner. While introducing Android Wear, Google teased such a feature. As per the reports, Nearby users will be able to select who and which services they are viewable to just like any profile of a social media. Nearby will expand the same tracking and location reporting data with even better potential than what is being done by Android for years. This is a vital step pertaining to the privacy and there are cues that users will be provided with the leverages to opt out of Nearby completely similar to Google Now.

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