Apple iOS 8 Fully Loaded With Plentiful Features

Apple iOS 8 Fully Loaded With Plentiful Features


Oct 1, 2014
Apple iOS 8 Fully Loaded With Plentiful Features The Apple’s new Operating System, iOS 8 comes with new looks for the systems, and a host of new features in this flagship mobile device. The mobile operating system was unveiled in a WWDC 2014 keynote event on June 2nd. The operating system is available for download in iPhone 6, iPad 2 and fifth generation iPod touch models. Multimedia Messages With iOS 8, Apple offers a Text messaging app with which you can do more than text messaging by including audio messages, insert location specific data or even videos. This software also has provision for group chats, where you can join with your buddies from school and college. Apart from this, there is also a photo feature where you can send pictures during chat. Health App Your health app couldn’t get handier than this. Keep in check your heart rate and the number of calories count each day with this feature rich app. This app also maintains a digital health card that can keep all your medical conditions including your allergies and conditions in one place. The iOS 8 provides provision to integrate fitness and health apps to further improve your health. Family Sharing Now, it’s all made easy in this new family sharing feature, wherein you create accounts for your family members and easily share any apps, pictures or downloads. All your appointments in Calendar could be made in sync and shared with everyone in family. Of course, photo albums can be shared using this app, giving users the freedom to exchange pictures among family members. With this app is also present a parental account function to monitor and approve kid’s purchase. Photos No phone is complete without a photo management app. The iOS 8 software comes packed with photo management software enabling you full access to handle your pictures. You can edit, compose, use filters and do many more with this versatile app. There is also a possibility for future vintage apps to integrate with the Photos app. The other interesting apps that make iOS 8 a favorite OS include Custom Keyboards, Spotlight Search, iCloud File Access, Battery Usage Indicator, Continuity, Touch ID for apps, Weather Channel and more.

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