Sony US CEO Jack steps down

Sony US CEO Jack steps down


Mar 17, 2014
Sony US CEO Jack steps down

Sony US CEO Jack steps down

Yes! You have heard the news right. As per the press release made by Sony, the company clearly stated that president and CEO of Sony’s American video game Jack Tretton would be soon signing off from the company. As a replacement to Tretton who has worked for pretty long time, Layden would take over the entire task that was handled by him. Layden is yet another great person who has been serving the company for quite a long period of time say around 15years. Layden has worked as the president for the same company but in Japan but now he will be undertaking the task of American centers as well

Know about Jack Tretton

Jack Tretton joined the company in the year 1995 and was later promoted as the president of the American division in the year 2006. Tretton in all these years of journey with Sony had a great time in learning new experiences and achieving a good position as well. He was counted among the higher positions at the company specially was held more important for the launch of PlayStation 4 which was recently released few months back. Tretton replaced SCEA head Kaz Hirai. Tretton has served the company pretty well over the long period of time. He has been showing up a constant presence as well in the video game division. When the team of Original PlayStation was launched, he played an integral role in that launch. In the year 2011, Tretton became the face of the company.  Sony and Tretton both are not keen to extend the contact and seems that the contractual relationship will not be renewed. What the news Sparks? Looking at the sudden departure of Tretton, it seems that there is some kind of internal politics being cooking up among the higher levels of Sony. However, looking at the other side of the coin, it seems that Tretton is also quite satisfied enough to quit the job and have successfully served his role at the company. Though the exact reason of the Tretton exit is not clear yet, it seems that the surprising announcement is still yet to be digested clearly by other staff of Sony as well. However, what Tretton declared the reason of moving out was the “mutual agreement” with SCEA and nothing beyond that. However, the true story behind all this entirely depends on what the company and the president himself might have discussed Certainly this news is indigestible. However, it is equally a fact that at the end of this month, 31st march will be the last day of Tretton to serve the company and later would be replace by the Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of Sony Network- Shawn Layden. Working for more than 19tearsm, Tretton certainly has gained the most rewarding experience. While announcing his exit, he thanks all his creative team and also wished a good luck and thanks fans for all the encouragement that he got doing his tenure with this entertainment company.

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