Sony Vaio pro13 Review

Sony Vaio pro13 Review


Feb 3, 2014
Sony Vaio pro13 Review Sony has been in the market for quite a long time and makes extremely portable laptops. Early days the laptops were very slow but they delivered great mobility. Today is the era of modern gadgets and latest laptops and Sony Vaio pro13 is the best example of this. Sony Vaio pro13 is an extremely fashionable ultra book which will look great and is a definite must buy gadget.  The Sony Vaio pro13 Review has definitely set up a high bar and like other products it has kept the promise of improved battery life and improved performance. This ultra book has a faster iGPU and has the GT3 and GT3e processors. Here are some of the specifications of the Sony Vaio pro13. [table id=2 /] The good thing about the Sony Vaio pro13 is that it has a fourth Gen Intel Core i5 or i7 processor, which weighs less than 2.4 pounds and has an impressive battery which promises of long life and a processor to deliver good performance. The screen is touch screen and is a 13.3 inch 1080 p fully worth of the price. Sony Vaio pro13 is a perfect choice for all who are looking for an excellent ultra portable laptop with more features and speed with the latest generation Haswell processor.  The Sony Vaio pro13 has been a winner in most of the tests. When we get to the pricing, here the review was done on the model with MSRP $1250, but that is not you will always end up paying. Microsoft store has discounts, if you are a student and will need to pay something less than the MSRP. All Sony VAIO Pro models are available on the Amazon Marketplace , you can save more with some discounts available with them. It is advised to buy the Sony Vaio pro13 if you get a decent price and some additional discounts. Considering its features, extra slim body, faster performance, light weight, great battery life, touch screen and responsive keyboard, there is no harm in paying the price as it is definitely worth. This ultra book is an ideal gadget for a business person or someone who is looking for a lighter and slimmer Ultra book.

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