Sony NEX 5R Camera Overview

Sony NEX 5R Camera Overview


Mar 3, 2014

Sony NEX 5R Camera overview

About Sony NEX 5R: The Sony NEX 5R is a novel offering in the segment of Sony compact system cameras. Succeeding the Sony NEX 5N, the 5R model has been developed with a blend of the features of its predecessor as well as some new ones. This camera is quite different from the usual ones. The NEX 5R is the third offering in the category of “5” series. The features are quite distinguishing and hence it uplifts the pride of the “5” series. This camera is an excellent example in the compact camera segment. It offers a wide range of options bundled in one package. It is equipped with various advanced features that make it worth buying. However most of the features are similar to the predecessor yet there are certain updates as well. Specifications of Sony NEX 5R: The following are the specifications of this camera with respect to different categories: The main USP features that makes this camera different are: 16.1 MP camera, 180 degree Flip LCD screen, Play Memories App, Fast Hybrid, AVCHD movie Recording apps and Wi-Fi Enabled. The following is a detailed understanding for this camera: Dimensions: The tilting screen, touch screen, options for filter effects and image quality define some of the features of this camera. The LCD screen is 3 inch with 921K dot resolution. The camera is digital and possess an interchangeable lens. The camera is compatible with Sony E-mount lens. The dimension of camera is 58.8 x 110.8 x 38.9 mm. The Focal length of the Lens is between 18mm to 55 mm. The camera is touch screen and hence eases the task of operating it. The weight of camera is 218 grams and along with a battery and memory stick it weighs 276 Grams. The camera is available in black color. Imaging: The camera supports the APS – C type Image Sensor for the camera. The camera shoots pictures in 16.7 Mega pixels. The camera captures images as well as video. The camera supports JPEG and RAW for Images while AVCHD and MP4 for video recording. The camera is equipped with high quality picture effects. The photographers have a list of options for choosing the one. Toy Camera, Miniature, HDR painting, Soft Focus, etc… are some of the picture effects. The pictures can be clicked in landscape, portrait and vivid format. Video resolution is a maximum of 1920 x 1080. Memory: The camera supports different Memory cards like Memory Stick PRO Duo, SDHC Card, etc… The camera has a USB port and hence it can save the images and videos shot by the camera. Battery: There is no inbuilt battery in camera. The camera comes with a single battery. The battery can be recharged post completion of charging. There is a pack of NP – FW 50 battery in camera. It is capable enough of taking 330 images. The user is supposed to buy an AC adaptor AC – PW20 separately for charging the batteries. Connections: The camera is Wi-Fi enabled. It gets connected to Wi- Fi which helps in sharing pictures, videos, etc… to one another free of cost. It gets connected to internet and helps in sharing the files via email, messengers, social networking sites, etc

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