Smart Home Automation by Samsung

Smart Home Automation by Samsung


Apr 10, 2014
Smart Home Automation by Samsung

A Smart Way for Home Automation:

How many of you really felt one centralized system to control every device in your house? Many of us imagine certain things which we think are impossible to exist or happen. But Samsung has done something like this in reality. Samsung has launched its Smart Home Service app in Korea and United States of America. In the last decade, Samsung has very systematically and smoothly moved in its product range in consumer durable segment. Today Samsung is present in almost every electronic consumer durable that we can imagine. Samsung is present in Television, Smart Phone, Tablet, Laptop, Refrigerator, Washing Machine, Smart Gear watch, Microwave Oven, etc… The list will never end like this. The electronic giant has simplified the job of their product owners by launching an app which easily connects all the home appliances with the smart phone device of the person. The application for  Smart Home automation by Samsung can be easily downloaded on the smartphone. After it is downloaded, the user can connect its device with all the Samsung home appliances. The concept of home appliance integration is becoming very popular in the market. The main objective of Samsung is to bring comfort and ease in the life of the users. The users can easily add all the compatible home appliances on their home network by connecting to Samsung Smart Home App. The user can control their device from any corner. They can switch off the TV by saying “Goodnight”, or switch off the washing machine sitting in office, etc… A source at Samsung Media Centre revealed, “With the Samsung Smart Home app, people can control multiple devices simultaneously. For example, a user can simply say “Good Night” to the TV remote control, and connected devices within the home such as the Smart Bulb and air conditioners could be set-up to automatically turn off.” samsung lumen smart home This app is aimed at bringing Smartness to life. It aims at gifting a smart life to their users. The head and president of the Media Solutions Centre of Samsung Electronics WonPyo Hong said, “Samsung Smart Home lets people live better, worry less and be smarter with their devices and appliances.” He also added, “We also have grand plans to enhance more and more parts of the home experience, especially with a view of expanding it to areas with high growth potential such as home safety and energy management.” Initially Samsung will launch this service in Korea and United States of America. Slowly and gradually they will launch this service in other parts of the world as well. Along with this, Samsung has decided to come up with more products that can easily connect with this service. This app is available in Samsung App store and Google Play. There are plans of coming up with an altogether separate app for Samsung Gear 2 which will be powered by Tizen. Samsung is planning to come up with numerous products and services aimed at meeting creativity, innovations and need.

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