Samsung Galaxy Grand 2 : Latest from Samsung

Samsung Galaxy Grand 2 : Latest from Samsung


Feb 25, 2014
Samsung Grand 2About Samsung Galaxy Grand 2: Samsung has once again proved itself to be a guru in coming up with big screens smart phones. By pioneering this segment, Samsung indeed created a craze amongst the people for big screens, Samsung Note series being the much liked ones. Hence seeing this, the competitors namely Nokia, Sony, LG, etc… also came up with numerous models of smartphones possessing big screen size. The recent one on the block is the Samsung Galaxy Grand 2. A sequel to Samsung Grand Duos, Grand 2 has indeed come up with extended and upgraded features as well as technical specifications.  Samsung Galaxy Grand Duos was mainly targeted to people who were keen in flaunting big screen smart phones. Hence, Samsung brings its Galaxy Grand 2 phone with some modifications. Technical Specifications: Starting with the technical specifications, Samsung Galaxy Grand 2 has indeed come up with refinement in its previous one. The dimension of this phone is 146.80 x 75.30 x 8.9. With a 5.2 inch display screen, the Samsung Galaxy Grand 2 works on a 1.2 GHz quad – core Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 processor.  The smart phone works with Android 4.3 Jelly Bean with Touch Wiz UI which makes it efficiently equipped with the latest apps. The resolution of the screen is 1280 x 720 pixels and has 16M color effects.   The phone is touch screen. Grand Duos was in the form of bar. The size of battery is  2600 mAh slightly higher than the previous ones. The phone has a 3.5mm Jack size which supports charging and head phone point. Design and Display: The look and appeal of Galaxy Grand 2 is indeed striking. It catches attention at first go. The front look is more or less similar to its predecessor Galaxy Grand Duos. The edges of the phone are finished with a shiny chrome ring. The screen of the phone is a bit tilted inside in order to highlight the metallic elements on the phone. The backside of the phone appears to be of a faux leather touch. Samsung has also included this in its other models namely Note 3, S4 Mini and Galaxy 4. Pink, Black and white are the available colors of Galaxy Grand 2. Storage: The storage memory of RAM comes out to be 1.5 GB, which is higher than Grand Duos. The internal storage capacity of Galaxy 2 is 8 GB. It can also be expanded to 64 GB storage capacity. Camera: Samsung Galaxy Grand 2 will evoke interest in capturing moments and relishing them for lifetime. The rear camera of the phone is 8 MP while the front one is 1.9 MP. The front camera’s MP is lesser than Grand Duos. The phone also has a flash which helps in clicking pictures in dark as well. The camera feature provides the user with numerous options for picture mode. Connectivity: Grand 2 can easily be connected via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and GPS. The phone has a dual sim support facility. Micro – Sim is supported in this device. Galaxy Grand 2 has a USB port point which is Micro – USB. It helps the consumers in easily sharing files.  

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