Home Appliance Automation with Zuli Smartplug

Home Appliance Automation with Zuli Smartplug


Jan 22, 2014
Home Appliance Automation with Zuli Smartplug Zuli Smartplug is the very first application from Apple, which is a part of i Beacon Technology. We are now very much acquainted with the Smartphones and their wonders. They follow up, guide up on the road, keep in touch with friends and the world. But now with the Zuli Smartplug you can control your home. Now you can control the lights of your home from one room to another with your fingertip. The whole concept is to make us comfortable in our home. The Smartplug links with the Bluetooth of our mobile and it converts our house into automated adobe at a very low price. This Smartplug works on a low energy in Bluetooth. The Smartplug has many features like:
  • Dimming: It lowers the light intensity or glow to the limit of 300W.
  • Power off or on: It can control the power of the lights up to 1800W.
  • Customization of control: You can customize the appliance and react when you enter or leave the room.
  • Power Detection: The Smartplug has a feature, which can detect the room to be empty and accordingly turn off the electric appliances.
  • Standby Mode: You can schedule the time of the electric appliances in your house to turn on and off at a particular time. This is possible with the help of Smart Plug.
The ZuliSmartplug has good compatibility with the today’s smart phones, which some other brands lack. It has successfully turned our houses into modern home automation system. Most recently, the Zuli price is $35 for three plugs in a packet and $400 for the pack of 10. It is the recent price, but you can check it out in markets. You can download the automation application freely. You have to plug the Zuli smartplug into the US outlet and you can connect it to control the lightening of your home and electronic device according to your wish. There are at least set of three plugs in our packet. This will create a communication network with the help of Bluetooth and they work very well with each other. Zuli has been created it, ‘ i beacon’ technology from Apple, and the device can work on micro location act who senses your presence in one room, and very successfully turns off the lights and other electrical devices which are not occupied with any member of the family. The Zuli Smart plug is created with utter simplicity to make it a user friendly device. This is the best feature of Zuli. Just sitting at one place you get extravagant use of technology. You can control all the lightening of your house at the touch of the button. It looks as if you are living in the advanced century. The control panel of the Zuli Smartplug displays the energy consumed by the home appliances. It keeps you aware of the energy usage, which make you turn off the appliances which are not required. Therefore, it helps in saving on your bills too. Zuli so far created has worked successfully. It does not require any additional help. It has great compatibility. All it requires is Smartphone and you are ready to use the appliance.

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