Pebble Steel: The Best Smart Watch to go for

Pebble Steel: The Best Smart Watch to go for


Mar 4, 2014
pebble steel smartphone With the presence of a craze for Smart phones, people are also getting drooled over by Smart Watches. With Samsung Smart Gear being one of the present Smart watches in market, the Pebble Steel is also catching eye balls from people. Pebble was the first mover in the smart watch segment. It gives an experience of wearing Smartphone on the wrist. It is indeed a device for the second generation. It can perform each and every function that our smart phone can. Although the smart watch segment is not much into pace but it is gearing up with time. The craze for smart watch is increasing gradually. The Pebble Steel Smart watch is beautifully carved and designed which indeed calls for attention. The design of this watch is quite appealing. The stylish design of the watch makes it worth wearing and flaunting. About Pebble Steel Smart Watch: The Pebble Technology developed their smart watch and launched it in the year 2013 by the brand name Pebble Steel. The smart watch operates via Kickstarter platform. The following is the detailed understanding about Pebble Steel: Features:
  • Starting with the features, the Pebble Steel Smart Watch is found to be quite attractive and stylish in comparison to the predecessor Pebble Watch. The watch being steel bodied makes it more affluent and elegant to wear. Hence, the designing of the watch evokes interest amongst the viewers.
  • The steel body of watch makes it heavier than the original one. The Smart watch weighs 1.97 Oz along with the leather wrist band. The dimension of the watch is smaller than the previous one. It has been reduced to 1.981 x 1.3 x 0.332 inches (HxWxD). The smart watch possesses the Pebble Operating System 2.0 which can be easily customized by Free RTOS. The watch is efficient enough to connect with the
  • iOS and Android applications via Bluetooth. The watch has default Bluetooth version 2.1. However the 4.0 Bluetooth version is available as well.
  • The LCD display of the watch is 144 x 168 pixels. The glass screen gives a better effect and clarity in comparison to the previous Pebble watch. This steel watch is quite efficient than its predecessor. The watch can perform more functions by easily getting connected with the smart watch.
Storage: Pebble Steel Watch has an inbuilt RAM storage. RAM can store data between 64KB and 128 KB. Apart from this there is a memory of 104 KB of flash memory. Power: The steel watch has a battery capacity of 7 days. The battery can last for 7 days under the condition of getting 20 to 30 notifications daily and updating per minute. There is no camera in this smart watch. Also there is no sound effect function in watch. Hence, the battery life of the smart watch is longer. Conclusion: In comparison to the Pebble Watch, the Pebble users will indeed find great changes in the Pebble Steel Watch. The main element of shifting to Steel is the biggest change. Also pricing is quite higher than the previous one.  The Pebble Steel watch also possesses the Pebble Logo. The users can opt for leather and metal watch bands.

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