Now Reading is even more faster with Spritz Reader

Now Reading is even more faster with Spritz Reader


Mar 17, 2014
Read faster with Spritz Reader

An Overview: Spritz Reader

Spritz Reader is an application that is specifically designed and developed for Samsung Galaxy S5 and Samsung Galaxy Gear 2 Smart watch in order to facilitate quick reading than the normal reading. It helps the user in reading up to 1000 words per minute. Spritz reader has become famous due to its unique feature of quick reading. The normal human speed of reading is 220 words per minute. But Spritz reader is almost four times of human reading. The CEO of Spritz Frank Waldman has confirmed that currently this reader will support Galaxy S5 and Gear smart watch but in coming time it will support all the Samsung devices. He has also revealed that he has discussed with Yahoo, Amazon and Google about the benefits of implementing Spritz for their products. How Spritz functions? The application of Spritz has been developed with great statistical and logical observation. It has been sound that while normal reading the ratio of seeing and reading is 80:20. However it should be the opposite. In case of Spritz, it will come out to be 20:80. Spritz helps the reader in quick reading without straining the mind and the eyes. In common terms this technology is referred as Rapid Serial Visual Representation. Waldman has developed Spritz with various algorithms. Spritz Reader is very different than the other readers in market. Spritz gives prime importance to the word’s positioning. It allows the reader to focus well on the word, process it and then understand the word. This enables the person quick and easy reading experience. The time of a word on screen depends upon the algorithm. “Spritz is based on a complete and systematic re-analysis of the reading process,” Walman adds. “For the redesign and optimization components, we thought about all of the new possibilities that new digital devices and mobile capabilities create. When we started researching Spritz, there were many other (speed) reading techniques but they either relied on conventional (static) text representation on a printed page or they didn’t integrate well into the modern mobile landscape.” The launch of Spritz Reader is yet not decided. This reading app has created the buzz from a pretty long time. People are indeed waiting for the launch of this application. However the German company should make an effort for launching due to the increase in the craze for it. The CEO of Spritz reader Frank Waldman has planned to follow Whatsapp business model. This app will help the users in speedy reading at zero amount in the beginning. However they will raise the amount in coming time. The Spritz Reader is very easy to use and implement. A traditional left to right reading is very simple and easy to follow. However, in Spritz reader the user can read very easily. This application enhances the speed of reading to a great extent. The readers can simply choose their favorite word, click the play button and then stare in same place. Spritz reader is an ideal solution for reading at great speed and time.

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