Amazon Kindle Paperwhite: Enhancing the e-book reading

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite: Enhancing the e-book reading


Feb 26, 2014
Kindle Paperwhite ebook reader amazon Get a Amazon Kindle Paperwhite with special OffersAmazon kindle paperwhite offer Reading an E-book: Those days are indeed fading away when people used to carry books with them. Voracious readers used to carry their books to each and every place, wherever they could get time to read. Today, the definition of reading is getting changed. Struggling with the life and time today, people are carrying laptops, tablets, etc… for easing their work even while travelling. Hence, the technology of e-book has sunk in which enables reading on these devices. But an e-book requires an e-book reader. Currently there is only one e-book reader in Market which is named as Kindle Paperwhite E-book reader. Kindle Paperwhite has been developed by Amazon. Kindle Paperwhite facilitates reading an e-book efficiently. The 2013 version of Kindle Paperwhite has undergone numerous revisions. Ironically, there is no other competitor present in this segment. Hence, reviewing and revising the existing one is quite challenging for the developers. Making Kindle Paperwhite better: Kindle Paperwhite is the only e-book reader that is present in the market. Amazon has undertaken various changes in its app. Amazon believe in enhancing the quality of one’s products regularly. It has launched its new version of Kindle Paperwhite naming it as All new Kindle Paperwhite. With respect to hardware, the new version does not seem to have any major changes. The dimension of the device is 6.7x 4.6 x 0.36 inches. It is same to the previous one. With respect to weight, Amazon has decreased it to 7.3 ounces (206 grams), which is slightly reduced to the previous one. However, the 3G connectivity in device will make it to 7.6 ounces (215 grams). The e-book reader is tall and hence it is not comfortable in carrying in pocket. The display of screen is 6 – inch. Kindle Paperwhite has an illuminated display. Hence it will help the reader in reading dark or light conditions. Amazon has undertaken this major change in its e-book reader. Amazon is striving to get that real paper reading effect and experience in its All – new Kindle Paperwhite. However, the LCD display is similar to the previous one yet they have shifted the display of E ink display to Carta from Pearl. The illumination is indeed comfortable to eyes. The page is also turning faster than the previous version of Kindle Paperwhite. This helps the readers to maintaining their interest during reading. The device is quite handy. The apps are latest and keep updating from time to time. The app of maps is quite useful. The navigation is real time and hence the travelers find the ease in referring to it. Amazon has added the dictionary feature at advanced level. By holding a word for long, the dictionary opens up and provides relevant meaning. The pop up window helps in accessing foot notes. All new Kindle Paperwhite support documents like Word file and PDF. This ebook reader can be easily connected on WI – FI, 3G and Bluetooth. Kindle allows the users in downloading numerous e-books from internet. Also the Micro USB slot helps the users in sharing and receiving files. The battery life is quiet questionable. Amazon claims the battery to support the device for eight weeks. But this is only possible if reader reads for only 30 minutes daily. Also illumination eats up battery. Hence in all new versions, the readers can read even after switching the illumination off.

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