Samsung Enterprise Services announced at CES 2014

Samsung Enterprise Services announced at CES 2014


Jan 18, 2014
Enterprise services launched by Samsung

Samsung at CES

At CES held in the year 2014, the launch of support for mobiles was announced by Samsung. A selection of services is going to be offered under the aegis of Samsung Enterprise services that will help customers through the complete mobile device deployment life cycle and support them by integration with existing offerings from Samsung mobile enterprise. SES or Samsung Enterprise Services offer a variety of support options in two areas. These areas are ongoing management and deployment services. Along with DI or Digital Management, an extensive range of services pertaining to mobile enterprise that includes assessment of initial needs, configuration of the device and its migration, development and deployment of customized services are offered by Samsung Mobile.

Samsung Enterprise Services

Samsung Mobile Care is another unit of Samsung Enterprise Services that are offered to the enterprises thereby offering support for ongoing management and dedicated services for customers of the business enterprise. Support, maintenance, and Samsung mobile device management are simplified to a considerable extent through Samsung Mobile Care. Both employee owned as well as corporate issued devices are taken care of. This is done through proper training, offering technical support, repair work as well as extended care through warranty. By offering these services, Samsung mobile will soon gain credibility for being one of the first manufacturers of mobile devices that help in the establishment of strategic Otter Box relationship so as to provide an extensive selection of accessory related solutions to the customers of an enterprise. For customers, investing in a mobile initiative is much more important and significant rather than the cost incurred in purchasing of these mobile devices. These days, requirement for high end security, services and solutions in mobile devices, the company uses services of Samsung Solutions Exchange, Samsung Knox and Samsung Enterprise Services delivering the same. Samsung mobile in the year 2013 offered a platform with Knox security and introduced Samsung solutions exchange for helping businesses opting for a philosophy stating- mobile first. The company also announced its decision to launch a wide range of enterprise services that will be customized for getting more devices and software into more and more corporations. This Korean company, a name to reckon with in the field of electronics has entered into the field of technology like SAFE and Knox. Before carving a niche in this field, this company needs to start with its own device movement. This will also help the company in usurping Blackberry and other rival players in the market. Enterprise efforts by Samsung also needs to developed further as the company is increasingly looking to counter any stress or worries about reducing the pace of growth for its tablet and Smartphone franchises. This initiative by the company will help customers seek support in a variety of areas related to mobile devices.

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