Lytro the next generation Illum Light Field Camera

Lytro the next generation Illum Light Field Camera


May 21, 2014
Lytro Next Generation Illum Light Field Camera
Lytro Next Generation Illum Light Field Camera
  Camera manufacturing giants have created a tough and innovative competition by launching their products with great novelty. A flair and inclination to shoot moments, generation today is becoming very specific about the camera they finally choose upon. They are well educated and equipped with the latest features and offerings that are available across all the brands. Giants like Sony, Canon, Nikon, Optimus, etc… have simply outperformed this segment with their marvelous and stunning products. A couple of days back, Lytro too unveiled its Illumination Light Field Camera perfect for the current and upcoming generations. Showcasing its Light field camera, Lytro is heading ahead to make a mark in novelty and supremacy. Lytro disclosed its professional grade product; known as Illum Light Field Camera which came out to be a happy surprise for professional photographers. The previous Kaleidoscope shaped camera by Lytro did not do as well as it is expected from its Illum Light field Camera. Lytro fans are highly delighted on knowing about this camera. Coming up in this novel segment is exceptionally a great achievement for Lytro. Dr. Ren NG the founder and director of Lytro recently said in the launch party, “Light Field Photography is following the classic pattern for a transformational concept. The original Lytro camera, which launched in 2012, introduced an entirely new era in photography. Lytro Illum will advance this movement to a new level. We are very excited by the potential of this camera to ignite a photography revolution on the magnitude of the transformation from film to digital.” Illum Light Field camera comprises of 3D computer graphics which enables the photographer to create and re-ignite the lively effect while clicking pictures and in images. Pictures clicked by Lytro Illum Light Field camera enables the user to focus and view the image and picture from multiple perspectives after the images are shot. With an unbelievable price of $1600, the camera is a fantastic piece of novelty and uniqueness. Although the pricing is set at a three times jump from its previous camera, the processing power of images is way faster than expected. Lytro’s Illum is a 4 inches touch screen camera which consists of advanced options for controlling playback features. The playback features enables the photographer to view the dimensions of images exactly on the camera itself. Specifications: Lytro’s Illum Light Field camera measures at 86 x 145 x 166mm and weighs simply half pound. With such compact and light weighed dimensions, the camera is easy to carry and use. The camera is equipped with customized features comprising of a 40 megaray light field sensor, constant f/2.0 aperture, 8x optical zoom range and higher speed of shutter that is competent to function in any weather or atmospheric condition. Availability: Lytro’s Illum Light field camera is desperately being awaited by its masses from quite sometime. However, good news is that people can make a pre-order for this camera by ordering it on Lytro’s website. The shipment has been decided to be initiated from the month of July. An inside source of Lytro said, “Those who pre-order before July 15, however, can get a specially engraved Illum for $1,499 with an extended two-year warranty plus “insider access to product development insight and support.”

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