Olympus Stylus SH – 1 camera with five axis image stabilization

Olympus Stylus SH – 1 camera with five axis image stabilization


Apr 9, 2014
olympus-stylus-sh-1 Introducing World’s first sleek and compact camera Olympus Stylus SH – 1, Olympus has included its brand in category of long zoom cameras. Its new Stylus SH – 1 is stylish, trendy, steady and smart. Olympus is the first camera which is equipped with the feature of five axis stabilization for videos and stills. This feature was previous designed and included in Olympus OM – DE – M5. It gave great experience and performance. The Stylus SH – 1 is equipped with the advanced features and technical specifications. The camera being compact and sleek calls for attention and purchase intent.  It has an in-built 16 megapixel CMOS sensor which processes images and videos in high quality. The camera also includes an image processor namely TruePic VII which functions with Stylus SH – 1’s 24 X long optical zooming lens. The zoom is four times of a 48X super resolution zooming effect. This combination of lens and image processor captures the best picture quality in images comprising of high sensitivity, supreme color production and high resolution.

Technical Specifications of Olympus Stylus SH – 1:

olympus-stylus-sh-1 with 5axis stabilizations

1. Design and Appeal: Olympus Stylus SH – 1 is sleek, compact and trendy with smart looks and design. The camera is easily to hold and carry even for long distances. 2. Sensor: The maximum resolution of Olympus Stylus SH – 1 is 4608 x 3456. The resolution is simply great which helps in capturing high quality images with great clarity. The ratio of image is 3:2. The 16 megapixel camera gives great color effects to the images and videos. The size of the BSI – CMOS sensor is 6.17 x 4.55 mm. The image processor used in Stylus SH – 1 is TruePic VII. The camera has the option of primary color filter as well. 3. Image: The five axis image stabilization can help in adjusting the camera in yaw, up, down, left, right and pitch mode. It includes ISO Auto, 100 – 6400. The image can be stabilized with Sensor shift option. 4. Focus and Optical: The focal length in Olympus Stylus SH – 1 is equivalent to 25 – 600 mm. The optical zoom of 24x is the USP in this camera. The photographer can set the maximum aperture between F3.0 – F6.9. The user has an access to multiple options in auto focus namely center, contrast detector, multi – area, single, continuous, tracking, selective single point, touch, live view and face detection. These features make capturing moments a wonderful experience. The normal focus range is 10 cm while the macro focus range is 3 cm. 5. Photography Features: The minimum speed of shutter is 30 seconds while maximum is 1/2000 seconds. There are three options for selecting the exposure mode namely manual, i Auto and program auto. The photographer can capture images in different scenic modes namely Portrait, landscape, e-portrait, night scene, interval shooting, sport, night cum portrait, indoor, sunset, documents, super macro, cuisine, fireworks, self portrait and backlight HDR. 6. Storage: Olympus Stylus SH – 1 supports different storage modes like SD, SDXC, internal memory and SDHC. The user can store data up to 37MB.

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