Hasselblad H5D – 50C CMOS Camera: Launched Officially

Hasselblad H5D – 50C CMOS Camera: Launched Officially


Mar 18, 2014
Hasselblad H5D – 50C-CMOS camera

Hasselblad H5D – 50C

The 50MP Hasselblad H5D – 50C CMOS camera have been officially launched in the beginning of the month of March. The month of mid January was expecting the launch of H5D – 50C camera. But finally it is out in the market with all new features and specifications. The camera has a medium format CMOS sensor camera which is the major USP of this camera. H5D – 50C Camera has gathered all eye balls due to its uniqueness of being the first camera to be fully integrated with a medium format using a CMOS sensor technology. The camera made its debut at the CP+ camera and photo imaging show that was held in Japan. Now, this CMOS camera is available worldwide. Seeing a shooting demand for Hasselblad H5D, Hasselblad has started shipping its pioneering CMOS camera in different parts of the world.

The following are the key features of Hasselblad H5D – 50C:

Hasselblad-H5D-50c-CMOS 1. The size of this camera is twice of the size of 35mm DSLR camera, which makes it to be one of the largest cameras in the world. 2. ISO Performance: The camera possess excellent quality feature of shooting images up to ISO 6400. It is capable of producing crystal clean images displaying perfect colors of image of indoor as well as outdoor locations. 3. The camera can shoot up to 14 stops with the highest dynamic range for improvising shots in shadow and in high lighting areas. 4. The speed of shutting is up to 12 minutes. It possesses the fastest capturing rate of 1.5 frames in a second. The frame rate enables the camera to focus on recording videos live. 5. The camera has a flexibility of recording GPS. The camera works in tilt shift as well. The product manager of Hasselblad Ove Bengtson said, “As with all our cameras, the H5D-50c was developed with one goal in mind – to produce simply the best image quality possible today. This CMOS sensor model represents a major leap forward in camera development and breaks new grounds for medium format photographers who now will be able to shoot with the ultimate in image quality, regardless of lighting conditions. Outstanding ISO performance – up to ISO 6400 – will raise available light photography to new heights in this genre.” The pricing of H5D–50C has been finalized to be same worldwide. The CEO of Hasselblad Ian Rawcliffe had furnished, “There is no price premium at all for customers who wish to acquire this groundbreaking technology. The H5D–50c will ship with the same price tag that applies to our H5D–50C model. “ Hasselblad had placed their premium camera H5D–50C for display at The Photography Show (NEC) at WPPI Expo, Las Vegas from 3rd March to 5th March. The CMOS sensor camera measures 153 x 131 x 205 mm weighing 2290 grams. Though the camera is slightly heavy yet it is easy to carry. The lens measures 80 mm and possesses a battery with a CF card.

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