Kobo Aura: A classy e-book reader

Kobo Aura: A classy e-book reader


Apr 30, 2014

Kobo Aura e-book reader

 Kobo Aura a classy e-book reader

With moving lifestyle and dependency on gadgets, people can be seen carrying various gadgets at the same time. Smartphones, laptop, headphones, etc. are those which are the very common ones. An addition that has happened to these gadgets is an e-book reader. An e-book reader is very easily replacing physical books. It is an e-form of hard copied books. With several competitors in market namely Amazon’s Kindle E-book reader, New Barnes and Nobles, Nook Simple Touch, etc. there is a presence of a brand that is emerging to be a great e-book reader namely Kobo Aura. Kobo Aura is an e-book reader which is a small version of Kobo Aura HD. Also read: Now reading is even more faster with Spritz Reader Kobo Aura is a classy, lightly weighed, WIFI enabled and beautifully designed e-reader which is competitively doing great in the market. It is easy to carry and handle while travelling as well. The 6 inches high resolution e-book reader gives a competitive edge over other players on the basis of its battery. With a support of about two month’s battery life, Kobo Aura is quite superior to other players.

Technical Understanding of Kobo Aura:

1. Design and Build: Kobo has strived hard to come up with a unique designing for its Aura model. It has made an input of a trendy and fashionable back panel which has a textured finish. The e-book reader is available in white and black shades. Kobo Aura measures at 150 x 114 x 8.1 mm which makes it fit enough to enter the back side pocket of jeans. Weighing at 174 grams, Kobo Aura is noticed to have done remarkably well than Kindle Paper White. Kobo Aura is very compact from all ends and is sleek in design. 2. Screen and Processor: With a 6.8 inches screen, the Kobo Aura utilizes an E link Pearl technology which is Touchscreen as well. There is an in-built back light which enables the user to read in the dark as well. The resolution of screen is 1440 x 1080. The E-reader is equipped with a 1 GHz processor. 3. Memory: The storage capacity in Kobo Aura is 4 GB. It supports memory cards and comprise of micro SDHC slot. The maximum capacity of storage space is 32 GB. The device supports receiving and transferring the data from and within itself. 4. Connectivity: Kobo Aura supports wireless connectivity and hence can be connected with the WI – FI. It can easily download and share e –books from internet. 5. Battery Life: The battery life in Kobo Aura is its USP. It dons the position of superior battery life above other e-book readers. It can run upto two months with a single charge. This is quite extreme vis – a – vis other e-book readers. 6. Support Reader: Kobo Aura supports texts in different formats like HTML, TXT, RTF, PDF and EPUB. The images are supported in GIF format only. 7. Apps: Apart from these features and specs, Kobo Aura supports various apps like dictionary, web browser, etc.

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