Comparison between Google Reader and Feedly

Comparison between Google Reader and Feedly


Feb 19, 2014
Google Reader and Feedly In the world of internet, the loss of Google Reader is being touted as a “personal tragedy”. This is one of the highly visited platforms. It is being replaced by Feedly. No doubt, frequent Google Reader visitors will feel its loss. At the same time, latest Feedly is also coming with a lot of advantages associated like being listed as the top reader, offered one click import, creating web portal for people who are still fiddling with their outdated phones and many more. All these advantages ensure that there is no need to look for other options. Once a person start using Feedly, he will surely stick to it

Comparative Analysis of Google Reader and Feedly

  • In comparison to Google Reader, importing was a breeze when using Feedly. People who fiddled with another alternative instead of Feedly were not quite satisfied as it required an import as well as an export on Reader feeds. The problem lies when exporting from Reader was not a trouble but while importing, one gets sidetracked. Even if this alternative was better than the Feedly, there was no use as before even trying it, it was lost.
  • Another advantage of using Feedly was that there was not much difference in using it as it is not far deviated from the Google Reader. The major advantage of using Feedly was enjoying condensed view option and one can just go through the titles of the posts which is quite comfortable and easy.
  • Many users did not appreciate the redesigning efforts carried out by Google Reader. This effort was also carried out in association with Google+ release. On Google Reader, compact view is usually used but in case of Feedly, magazine view is preferred by many users. The latter displays a featured image. It can be used for skimming as it has been designed in that way and proves to be better than redesigning efforts of Google Reader.
  • The major disadvantage of Feedly is reappearing of articles that have already been viewed. When a category has been cleared, it starts showing all articles again by default even if they have been read. This creates confusion and unnecessary visual clutter.
  • For scrolling, there is no space key. In a precise manner, space bar scrolls can be used for scrolling a page downwards but it will not help when one tries to open another article. In say, Web Comics category, this facility is required as it has more than 30 posts in a day and many people read of all of them every day.
  • As soon as one category has finished reading, the next one is loaded immediately and automatically. Since these categories are listed in an alphabetical manner, user has to jump around in an orderly manner. Sometimes, people even get confused about whether they have read a specific post or not.
These pros and cons associated with Feedly help us to compare with Google Reader and decide which is better for us.

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