How to install Google Apps on Kindle Fire HD or HDX

How to install Google Apps on Kindle Fire HD or HDX


Apr 16, 2014

How to install Google Apps on Kindle Fire HD

About Kindle Fire HD or HDX:

Amazon has made a major shift from retail market to manufacturing consumer technology products for the masses. Amazon has come up with a host of new products namely Kindle Fire HD or HDX tablet, Fire TV, Prime Instant Video, etc. Both the tablets by Amazon namely Kindle Fire HD and HDX proved to be a successful player in the market. Power packed with Amazon apps, the Kindle Fire HD or HDX also gives the scope for installing Google apps in it. The users can be rest assured about the safety and warranty by opting out for side loading the apps. Let us understand the procedure of installing Google apps on Kindle Fire HD or HDX.

How to install Google Apps on Kindle Fire HD?

Installing the Google Apps in Kindle Fire HD:

The users can install apps of any OS provider by Sideloading the apps. Sideloading is a process in which the user can install any app on the Android phone from a point which is other than the official app store. The Kindle Fire works on the forked version of Android and so the user can definitely run their desired app on this phone.
  1. Before going ahead with an app installation, the user should first go to “Settings” option and then click “Applications” in it. The option “Apps from Unknown Sources” will appear which needs to be turned on by the user.
  2. A screen will appear on the computer which will contain a zip file. The user should download this file and extract the contents to a safe location in the computer. This zip file will comprise of four mandate apps which are required to be installed initially.
  3. After these files are installed, the user needs to connect his Kindle Fire HD or HDX to the PC via microUSB cable.  These four apps need to be then transferred to Kindle Fire HD or HDX download folder.
  4. An ES File Explorer will be required in Kindle Fire. It is available in Amazon App Store. This will enable the user to have an access of the four apps that have been transferred to the Tablet. The files will be find by clicking Local >> Home >> Download.
  5. Now click to install Google Account Manager, Google Services Framework, Google Play Services and Gmail. Then reboot the Tablet.
  6. After these four apps are installed, the user should click the Gmail app and login to Google account. Once the Google account is logged in, the user will see a list of various Google apps that can be downloaded and installed easily. By clicking the Sideloading option, the user can select the Google app which he or she wants to keep in the phone. The steps are similarly followed like the four apps that were downloaded initially. The user can enjoy and check out the whole list of Google apps namely Chrome, Google music, Google Play, Gmail, Newstand, Google Plus, etc.

Summing Up:

The users can also find Google apps in APK repository sites or in the Android forum namely Android drawer.

Frequently Asked Questions?

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