How to install Google Now Launcher on your android Smartphone successfully

How to install Google Now Launcher on your android Smartphone successfully


Feb 19, 2014


Google is very actively working on a new launcher especially designed for Android, one that seamlessly integrates Google Now. The great Google Experience Launcher is officially exclusive to the Nexus 5, but you can very easily use it on any other Android Smartphone or tablets as well. Surprisingly, the new launcher is not even officially available for Google’s various versions of Nexus. What makes the new Google Experience Launcher special is a frequently asked question. Read the brief discussion for knowing more on this aspect.

How to Install Google Now Launcher if you are using an android Smartphone?

Whatever Android phone or tablet you are using; your device probably has the Google Experience Launcher installed. This is undoubtedly surprising, but true. Just like Google Now, the Google Experience Launcher’s code is very accurately and specifically contained almost entirely in the official Google Search app. The Google Search app is very well included on all Google-certified Android devices and is very well configured to automatically update from the Play Store by default. The Google Experience Launcher’s code is particularly buried in the Google Search app. As of Google Search version 3.1.8, the Google Experience Launcher is completely capable of running on the devices running Android 4.1 or the newer and latest versions. The android devices without Google Play or the Google Search app, like the cheap $50 tablets direct from the factories in China, would not be able to use this. There is just one missing piece on most of the Android devices. The Google’s Nexus 5 contains a special little app that ideally makes the newly introduced Google Experience Launcher completely active, allowing you to very ideally launch it and then select it as your home screen. To do this on any other device — Nexus 4, Samsung Galaxy S4, HTC One, any device that is running Android 4.1 or newer, or even an Android tablet — all you will need to do is to download the enabler app from the Nexus 5 and side-load it onto your Android device that you are using.

Usage of the Google Experience Launcher in an ideal manner

This new launcher that has been introduced makes Google’s home screen experience available on any device. For example, the model Samsung Galaxy S4 users presently have to install a custom ROM or use an imitation launcher like the Apex or Nova launcher to get a “stock Android” home screen. The Google Experience Launcher is working every time so you can very simply say “OK Google” and start talking to search or perform a voice action very conveniently. This only very well works when you are using your home screen, so it’s only “always listening” when your phone is on and you are at your home screen. Your phone would not send any voice data to Google while it is listening; all the voice processing happens on your device only when you actually start a search or a voice action.

Frequently Asked Questions?

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