Game Controller for your Fire TV: Amazon Fire TV Gamepad

Game Controller for your Fire TV: Amazon Fire TV Gamepad


Apr 10, 2014
Amazon’s Gamepad Amazon has launched it game controller for playing Games on Amazon’s Fire TV. Amazon has named its new gaming device as “Fire TV Gamepad”. Priced at a very nominal amount, the Amazon lovers would indeed go for this product. The Fire TV Gamepad is a wireless Bluetooth gaming device which gives a wonderful gaming experience to the players. It buttons on the gamepad are easy to operate and control. The device gives an instant access to the GameCircle which is loaded with a list of games to play from. Also, the media controls assure the player to have the best time by playing games on Amazon’s Fire TV. The Gamepad is available on the website of Amazon and can be booked for shipment. The game controller has a battery life of 55 hours which pleases the players of enjoying a long playing session. The following are the key beneficial features that can be enjoyed with Amazon Fire TV Gamepad: 1. Play and get more games: By connecting Amazon Fire TV Gamepad with Fire TV, the player gets an advantage of increasing the number of Games in the Fire TV to almost double.   The player will be gaining more benefit and enjoyment while playing games on Fire TV. The key games are Asphalt 8, NBA 2K14 and MineCraft – Pocket Edition. 2. Great control level: The expectations of a gamer are fulfilled and met in Amazon’s Fire TV Gamepad. The controller has dual analog sticks which control gaming with great ease. Also there are other control options and an indicator for multiple players gaming. 3. Free and affordable games: The gamers can also purchase and play games at a very low price. The paid games start at a rate of 99 cents. There are free games as well. 4. Say no to Wires: By launching the wireless game controller, Amazon has diminished all the hassles of having wires. The player can easily sit back on his or her couch and experience a sporty gaming affair with the competitors. 5. Media buttons: The media button options gives an access to the player for viewing movies, music, TV shows, etc… This can be used as a 2 in 1 remote control for controlling Fire TV. 6. A tracker for all: The Amazon GameCircle button helps the player in tracking his position amongst millions of gamers. The progress and scores are saved in the GameCircle. Players can anytime view it for improvising upon their gaming skills. 7. Battery Support: The AA Batteries in Fire TV Gamepad allows the user to access the Gamepad for 55 hours. The Fire TV Gamepad will enable the user to access and select every option of Amazon’s Fire TV. On the launch of the Fire TV, the official at Amazon stated, “ Fire TV includes a dual-antenna Wi-Fi, voice search, an “ASAP Feature” that predicts which movies and TV episodes users will want to watch and “prepares them for playback before you even hit play. It will include over 200,000 movies and TV episodes.”

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