Google will soon bid adieu to Orkut

Google will soon bid adieu to Orkut


Jul 11, 2014
Google will soon bid adieu to Orkut Orkut was a raging social networking site not too long ago. Its spread among users was enormous and steady; it was just a decade ago. Facebook was at its infant stage then. Little was it heard about. Fate of technology seems to favor Facebook, which took off massively standing at more than a billion users in every corner of the world today. Google, the search engine giant has made strides of innovation and reaped phenomenal success through the years. With current trends, Google seem to set its head on Youtube, Google plus and Blogger. Google has been working on the system to connect all its products through the Google plus platform. Unfortunately, Google has to make a call on Orkut, though it has quite many users until now, it will gradually fall out to the competition. Therefore Google has mentioned it will close out the Orkut site by the end of September, and users will not be able to access since then. As Google bids adieu to its once popular site, only the reminiscence of fine conversations of millions of users will remain. One really wonders what happened during these days for such a paradigm shift in the social networking realm. Myspace was a popular social networking site as well with millions of users during its hay time. Facebook certainly comes as a monster devouring all of its fellow social networking sites mercilessly. Facebook has its advantages: one, it is completely hacker prone. There has not been a complaint of any hacking stories yet in this mammoth social networking site. Two, it is almost addictive. Earlier, Orkut was a big hit in countries like India and Brazil. Millions of users were submerged in conversations, posting pictures in this pioneer site. It certainly stands as a surprise for many about the fall and rise of various social networking sites. It really leads one to think what is it that makes social networking sites to woo users and make it happening.

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