Get private niche in the world of social networking with Between App

Get private niche in the world of social networking with Between App


Feb 20, 2014
In the days when several social networking sites are coming up and getting extremely popular, it is very difficult for just 2 people to share something private. Though you can message each other on other Apps, but an App which guarantees that this is just a private App specially designed for 2 people, it certainly gives gooses in your stomach. Now-a-days, posting everything on Facebook, Twitter and Whats App groups has become customary. Whatever one posts there goes in the public domain and every friend comes to know about it. With a new App, especially designed for couples,” Between” is becoming popular and is being used by many couples.

Between App for couples

What is “Between “ A special App created by Korean firm “Value Creators & Company” ( VCNC) , it is compatible with all  Smartphones-  Android 2.2 or higher, ioS 6 or higher, iPhone, Ipad, Ipod, etc. A Capital B set in a white star with sea-green background, the App is downloadable for free. You can download it and enter the number of the only person with whom you want to share this private space. When the person accepts your request, you two can send each other chat messages, photos, voice mails and memos without any charge. As this App is generally used by couples, the App facilitates adding calendar between the two. To this calendar, one can add special photos, dates of first meeting, first dinner, first fight, first baby, first joint property, etc. When both of the partners are working, it is often difficult to communicate and plan dates ahead. Through this App, you can inform the other about a particular date and ask other partner about his availability. Parents can also plan children’s activities ahead- teacher’s meeting, vaccinations, etc. Reminders are set and you don’t forget important things. Review by Users As it originated in Korea, its two- thirds users are Koreans. It is also popular in South-East Asia. It is two years now that the App is popular. Its height of popularity is evident by the fact that asking someone to use the Between App is equivalent to proposing someone! Seeing its popularity in the East, many business enterprises have come up with ideas to increase market in the West too. Soon Japanese Mobile Titan DeNA would pair up with Between Makers and open it to third party developers. This would open up the possibilities of having the App with more features, more security,  based on the reviews given by the users.  Other firms can collaborate with VCNC to bring additional features in the App. Also features which are more popular in other rival Apps can be used to capture more market. Soon, App can be linked to e-commerce where couples can give each other gifts in their special days, book a table ahead of their anniversary, etc. According to VCNC, the usage of their Apps has increased from 5 hours to 8 hours in a month. This has given them assurance that soon they can open markets in Asia, US and the Europe with improved features.

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