Choosing from 56 gender options for Facebook

Choosing from 56 gender options for Facebook


Feb 25, 2014
56 gender options for Facebook The Gender Question: Facebook The time today has indeed changed. As and when the generations are coming by, it is being seen and observed that our basic identity is being questioned. On being asked about gender, we could only think about either being male or female. But the time has changed. Where we could have only thought of a person being eunuch (other than male or female), today there is something more to it as well.  From last few years, it has been observed that there is a bunch of few people who do not regard them as completely male or completely female. Hence, they find themselves aloof and missing on disclosing their gender identity. But now these people need not worry any more. Because the most popular social networking site “Facebook” has opened up its gender category and has added 56 more gender options to choose from apart from male and female. Yes, this is now official. It sounds to be very surprising when it comes to thinking what the titles are given to these 56 gender options. But, it turns out to be good news for those people who really felt deprived from not being in any gender particularly. Customizable Gender Options: Facebook has opened its gender choosing options for 56 different categories. Facebook is currently having 1.15 billion active users worldwide on monthly basis. Facebook aims at opening up these gender options because there are various people around the world who have transformed their gender and wants to share their real gender status worldwide. However, Facebook has also kept its privacy option live. In case the users do not want to reveal their gender identity (be it any), they can easily hide it in privacy options. There might be people who would be finding this option to be illogical and pathetic. But the ground realities will actually realize the feeling of those people who fall in the category of 56 gender options.

The 56 Gender options for Facebook users are

  1. Agender,
  2. Androgyne,
  3. Androgynous,
  4. Bigender,
  5. Cis,
  6. Cis Female,
  7. Cis Male,
  8. Cis Man,
  9. Cis Woman,
  10. Cisgender,
  11. Cisgender Female,
  12. Cisgender Male,
  13. Cisgender Man,
  14. Cisgender Woman,
  15. Female to Male,
  16. FTM,
  17. Gender Fluid,
  18. Gender Nonconforming,
  19. Gender Questioning,
  20. Gender Variant,
  21. Gender queer,
  22. Intersex,
  23. Male to Female,
  24. MTF,
  25. Neither,
  26. Neutrois,
  27. Non-binary,
  28. Other,
  29. Pan gender,
  30. Trans,
  31. Trans Female,
  32. Trans Male,
  33. Trans Man,
  34. Trans Person,
  35. Trans Woman,
  36. Trans*,
  37. Trans*Female,
  38. Trans* Male,
  39. Trans* Man,
  40. Trans* Person,
  41. Trans* Woman,
  42. Trans feminine,
  43. Transgender,
  44. Transgender Female,
  45. Transgender Male,
  46. Transgender Man,
  47. Transgender Person,
  48. Transgender Woman,
  49. Trans masculine,
  50. Transsexual,
  51. Transsexual Female,
  52. Transsexual Male,
  53. Transsexual Man,
  54. Transsexual Person,
  55. Transsexual Woman and
  56. Two-spirit.
Facebook has been working on this gender options since pretty long. They have opened these options just two days back. Facebook in association with its “Network of Support” that is a leading group of LGBT advocacy organization has decided upon these gender options. Currently, Facebook has activated the gender option for their users in USA. USA has a base of 159 million monthly active users. This gender option can only be used by users in America as of now. Facebook will only open this option worldwide once it gets permission from respective countries.

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